How Can i Delete All My Messenger Messages at Once? Select all delete

How To Delete All Messenger Messages at once just You need to this Trick.
We are looking for this solution which means we all use Facebook Messenger, we try to delete these messages when a lot of messages are stored in Messenger, but there is no option to delete all messages in the Facebook Messenger app. If you want to delete messages in Messenger, you have to delete a single by swiping, but today we will show you how to delete all messages in Facebook Messenger at once. For this, you need to follow some steps. If you read this article and do not fully understand, then by watching our YouTube video, you can delete all the messages in Facebook Messenger in the right way.

Messages in Facebook Messenger There are two ways to delete all messages. One is a computer or laptop. The other is your smartphone. First I will show you how to delete all Facebook Messenger messages from mobile phones. Then show how to do this using laptop or computer. You can

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How To Delete All Messenger Messages in Smartphone, Mobile

If you want to perform this process entirely from a smartphone, you must first download a browser into your smartphone. The name of this browser is Yandex Browser.

  1. Download The Yandex Browser in Your SmartPhone


2. After Open Yandex Browser, Go to the URL bar and open and login Your Facebook account, Which accounts You want to delete all the messages from the Facebook account.

3. Then Open Other New Tab in Yandex browser, Open Google chrome store and download Messenger Cleaner Chrome extension in Yandex Browser, You Can Directly Download Messenger Cleaner Extension Click Download Button


4. Goto Facebook Tab And Refresh this Facebook page and saw the top of right corner Messenger cleaner Extension, Before the start deleting process, Please Turn on Desktop version Tick Mark, and load this Facebook page in the desktop version

5. Click Messenger Cleaner Extension And You Can go to Select and choose messages and delete this at once


How To Delete All Messenger Messages in Computer

  1. You need to first download Messenger cleaner extension in google chrome browser of your computer or laptop


2. Open Facebook in google chrome browser, then click Messenger cleaner top of the right corner in chrome browser.

3. You can Download All Messenger Messages At once, and chose and select delete messages.

Delete all Facebook messages at once (or select and delete multiple messages at once)
Delete all Facebook messages at once (or) Select multiple messages at once to delete.

With Messenger Cleaner, you can delete all Facebook messages (including group messages) with one click. You don’t have to delete them one by one. You can also select multiple messages to delete at once.

This extension makes it easy to optimize and clean up your conversations on Facebook and quickly remove the messages you need when you need them. And if you get tired of organizing your Facebook messages/conversations one by one, you can delete them all with one click and empty your inbox. Permanently delete old messages and start new

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