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GravaStar Sirius low-latency Earbuds Price in India, USA

The last green space on the planet has been destroyed, paving the way for huge concrete megacities. The company took all the power from the people to run its huge profits. People on Earth have almost lost hope, and many people have gone to live underground. As the hopes faded, their once-energetic passions began to fade.

GravaStar Sirius low-latency Earbuds Review

Use the Gravastar Sirius Low Latency Earplug to complete your game settings and its sci-fi design is perfect for any gamer. They have a delay of 65 milliseconds to meet your fast gaming needs. These are made with zinc alloy material and have 6 dynamic RGB LEDs for further personalization and compatibility with your other gaming devices. More importantly, these earbuds have a dynamic driver and a balanced armor of Knowles that supports high-definition audio.

And, since you play non-stop games, the Sirius earbud is equipped with a charging case that provides 24 hours of battery life. They use smart, intuitive touch control design, and have ENC noise reduction function, which allows you to focus on hand play. Enjoy what these future earplugs can offer with a built-in corkscrew!

GravaStar Sirius low-latency Earbuds Features

But hope can come from unexpected places. In distant places, on the planet Gravstar, courage still exists. The two Gravstar Bluetooth speakers, Mars and Venus, have fought many battles and their only mission is to save the universe at any cost and keep the music alive.
But this task requires a special hero. Born to revive the people of the Earth, a fighter named Tifa will bring Sirius Pro Bluetooth earbuds across the galaxy to perform the mission of bringing back sound and emotion to the people of the Earth. Bring back music, which will inspire new life and revive people through the feeling of adventure drawn from them.
Prepare for the next word border.

Cyberpunk’s design complements the meteor sound in the Gravstar Sirius Pro earbud an earbud inspired by science fiction designed to take your gaming and audio experience to new horizons.

GravaStar Sirius low-latency Earbuds Specification 

LIGHT:6 Dynamic RGB
PACKAGE CONTENT:GravaStar Sirius low-latency Earbuds, USER MANNUAL


GravaStar Sirius low-latency Earbuds Price

If You Want to buy GravaStar Sirius low-latency Earbuds You Can Get This Product ₹5868.44 INR Rupees.
And This GravaStar Sirius low-latency Earbuds Price in Global Market $79 USD

GravaStar Sirius low-latency Earbuds Price in USD $79 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
GravaStar Sirius low-latency Earbuds Price in India ₹5868.44 RUPEES


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