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GoTube Portable Electric Scooter review and prices

There is shock absorption work on both the front and rear wheels to ensure smooth driving. GoTube comes with a portable case with a shoulder strap for folding and ultimate portability. Tachometer readings and button speed control are simple and intuitive. GoTube has a USB port that can easily charge phones and mobile devices anytime, anywhere.

GoTube Portable Electric Scooter Review

This concept electric scooter called GoTube has a simple design. This makes it the most portable electric scooter in the world. It is highly efficient and powerful for urban vehicles and local commuting. GoTube is lightweight and foldable, so it can be easily carried anywhere. It still has a good capacity of up to 150 kg.
Due to space constraints, GoTube does not allow increasing the height of the handlebars. Therefore, the company can make the size more perfect when launching an upgraded version. In addition, the electric scooter has a 120W motor.

If more powerful options can be explored, users may benefit and at the moment it does not seem to be an option.
GoTube seems to be an excellent idea for urban transportation.

GoTube Portable Electric Scooter Features

However, it may limit some features that users may need. The scooter does not provide a removable battery and does not have the required horn. Although the company claims to provide after-sales service from local agents, at this stage GoTube’s repairs and services seem challenging.
GoTube uses a sleek and modern design and weighs just 12.8 pounds. Although it looks small, its maximum speed can reach 16 km / h. The scooter can go up to 12 kilometers on a single charge. GoTube also offers attractive silver and white options, and if it attracts the necessary funds, it can also offer built-in speaker options.

This scooter uses a carbon fiber body, as well as an on-board 36V battery and a 120W motor. It has a capacity of 150 kg and 10-degree tilt support. GoTube has two-speed modes. Its LED lights allow users to travel in night mode. The push-button speed control and tachometer of this scooter are also fun to achieve smooth operation.

GoTube Portable Electric Scooter Specification 

CAPACITY:330Lbs(150Kg )
Tire diameter:88.9 mm
UNFOLDED DIMENSIONS:743 mm x 415 mm x 927 mm
WEIGHT:12.8Lbs (5.8Kg)
FOLDED DIMENSIONS:743 mm x 137 mm x 97 mm
PACKAGE CONTENT:GoTube Portable Electric Scooter, user manual


GoTube Portable Electric Scooter Price

If You Want to buy GoTube Portable Electric Scooter You Can Get This Product ₹20346.91 INR Rupees.
And This GoTube Portable Electric Scooter Price in Global Market $279 USD

GoTube Portable Electric Scooter Price in USD $279 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
GoTube Portable Electric Scooter Price in India ₹20346.91 RUPEES



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