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Google’s Smartbox Review: Inbox by Gmail isn’t a year ago, but Google is trying to improve its email. But this time it doesn’t work with a digital variety. I’m doing something about snails. And frankly, it’s about time. People have been pasting envelopes in mailboxes for a year or two, but that experience hasn’t changed much. Our mailbox may be good. They may be smarter. They may be smart boxes.

Google's Smartbox

Google’s Smartbox Review

This box brings much of the luxury of email to physical email. You will receive a notification on your mobile phone when a new envelope arrives. Organize your content into folders automatically. Send electric shock and block spam

Google's Smartbox

Google’s Smartbox How It Work!

There is a touch screen built into the side of the Smartbox, so you may want to check the weather when you are outdoors. The main door opens automatically when you make a waving gesture. The owner can also carry the box off the pole. This way, traditional email can be ported just like a Gmail inbox.

Google's Smartbox

Google’s Smartbox Price

If You Want to buy Google’s Smartbox You Can Get This Product ₹4,285.06 INR Rupees.
And This Google’s Smartbox
Price in Global Market $56.68 USD

Google’s Smartbox Price in dollar $56.68 USD
Google’s Smartbox Price in Indian Money ₹4,285.06RUPEES


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