Google Pixel buds 2 price in india | Google pixel earbuds Review

Google Pixel buds 2 price in india: The 3-point anchor system combines the inherent security of an in-ear design with a soft silicone stabilizer that helps prevent movement after earbud placement. This is a significant improvement over the first-generation Pixel Buds, which proved to be less secure than we expected.

The earphones look very similar to the previous model, with a touch-sensitive surface that maintains the subtle G brand. The new earbuds also feature dual IR sensors that detect if the earbuds are worn in your ears, so you can automatically pause your music when you remove them.

Speaking of sensors, the new Pixel Buds also have accelerometers and gyroscopes that detect motion. It’s still unclear what Google is trying to do with these sensors, but possibilities include health and fitness tracking, augmented or virtual reality (AR / VR) applications.

Google Pixel buds 2 price in india

Google Pixel buds 2 Review

When Google announced the Pixel Buds 2, they advertised the long-range Bluetooth 5.0 capabilities of their earphones. This shows that you can run the length of a soccer field while maintaining a connection with your smartphone. In our tests, the claim seems exaggerated. Yes, the wireless connection is good, but it doesn’t scale much further than other wireless earphones.

If you’re going to run on the soccer field, it’s nice to know that the Pixel Buds 2 has IPX4 rated waterproofness.

Battery and charging
The Google Pixel Buds 2 may be an upgrade from previous generations in terms of functionality, but when it comes to battery life, it doesn’t move the dial at all. Each charge has a life of 5 hours, and the total time including the internal capacity of the charging case is 24 hours. Google Pixel buds 2 price in india

Google Pixel buds 2 price in india

Google Pixel buds 2 How its Work!

You can use your Android device to find Bluetooth headphones within the Find My Device app. If no headphones are connected, the last known location will be displayed. Android OS allows you to view the battery level of your earphones and charging case without using a third-party app. Finally, you can rename the device to display a handle that is easier to handle than the one provided by the factory. You can say “Simon’s Pixel Buds” instead of “Pixel Buds”.

The fast pairing feature should work on almost all Bluetooth headphones, but these additional features require headphone manufacturers to adopt Google’s addendum when creating new products. Pixel Buds 2 supports them all, but the first non-Google product will be the next Harmon Kardon Fly earphones.

Google Pixel Buds 2 retains the excellent translation features that debuted with Pixel Buds, which translates foreign languages ​​in real time using the built-in microphone.

Google Pixel buds 2 price in india

Google Pixel buds 2 Specification 

Sweat and Water Resistant– IPX4 water protection rating

Wireless– Bluetooth® 5.0

Custom-designed 12 mm dynamic speaker driver
Passive noise reduction
Spatial vent for in-ear pressure reduction and spatial awareness

Dual beamforming microphones
Voice detecting accelerometer

Capacitive touch sensors for music, calls, and Assistant controls
Dual IR proximity sensors for in-ear detection to play and pause automatically
Motion-detecting accelerometer and gyroscope

Wireless Charging Case
USB-C® charging port
Qi Certified
Hall Effect Sensor for case close detection

Earbuds: Up to 5 hours of listening time and up to 2.5 hours of talk time
Earbuds with wireless charging case: Up to 24 hours of listening time and up to 12 hours of talk time
10-minute charge of earbuds in the wireless charging case delivers up to 2 hours of listening time and up to 1 hour of talk time

Clearly White

Earbuds (each): 20.5 x 19.5 x 18.2 mm (excl. eartip and stabilizer arc)
Wireless charging case: 63 x 47 x 25 mm

Earbuds (each): 5.3g
Wireless charging case: 56.1g without earbuds, 66.7g with earbuds

What’s in the box
Wireless charging case
Eartips with 3 size options: small, medium (attached to earbuds), large
USB-C® to USB-A charging cable
Quick Start Guide

Google Pixel buds 2 Price

If You Want to buy Google Pixel buds 2 You Can Get This Product ₹13,500 INR Rupees.
And This Google Pixel buds 2 Price in Global Market $39.25 USD

Google Pixel buds 2 Price in dollar $179 USD
Google Pixel buds 2 Price in Indian Money ₹13,500 RUPEES


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