Glouv Lite face Mask Storage Review and Prices

The mask should have its own suitcase. Like your mobile phone or buttons, they also touch all kinds of dirt every day and then touch your face. Therefore, think we will design a stylish suitcase dedicated to your mask. Also, this enclosure has been worked hard to pack with the latest UV-C technology: 6 powerful latest generation LEDs with a wavelength range of 270 nm. Data have shown that UV-C light has a bactericidal effect on bacteria and can effectively prevent the growth of bacteria and viruses.

Glouv Lite face Mask Storage

Glouv Lite face Mask Storage Review

You should literally stop stuffing the mask in dirty purses and pockets. And, you must stop landfill and seawater after a few uses. Instead, use a glove light mask for storage. This type of suitcase gives you a designated place to keep your mask and can also prevent bacterial growth through UV-C technology.

Glove light is a portable small device that can increase UV-C through the wave structure and penetrate the mask material to keep the mask clean. The lamp works on a 270-nanometer spectrum, DNA decomposes and shuts off automatically to ensure protection.

Glouv Lite face Mask Storage

Glouv Lite face Mask Storage Features

Back in the spring, when I started wearing masks regularly, I realized that there was no better solution to keep masks clean and tidy. Felt like using. What is the need for such a solution? No more! Everyone needs tailor-made products for lighter, more efficient, more environmentally friendly and masks

The mask storage takes on a flowing, smooth design and comes in three modern colors: pearl, charcoal and pesto. Please keep it in your pocket, bag or luggage when you go out and make sure your mask keeps it clean at all times.

Glouv Lite face Mask Storage

Glouv Lite face Mask Storage Specification 

Cycle TIME:15 Min
Wave Range:270nm
COLOR:Pearl, Charcoal, Pistachio
PACKAGE CONTENT:Glouv Lite face Mask Storage, user mannual


Glouv Lite face Mask Storage Price

If You Want to buy Glouv Lite face Mask Storage You Can Get This Product ₹7277.88 INR Rupees.
And This Glouv Lite face Mask Storage Price in Global Market $98.56 USD

Glouv Lite face Mask Storage Price in USD $98.56 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Glouv Lite face Mask Storage Price in India ₹7277.88 RUPEES


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