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Glass Rinser Review Your flashy water bottle is the envy of everyone in a hot yoga class. But it’s not dishwasher safe and cumbersome to clean.

Enter the First Wave Glass Rinser. Remove any residue from the dishwasher pre-wash or hand wash with a little soap from bottles, cups and glasses. Push down to push the high pressure water jet up to power the rest of the gunk before it dries.
Give it a try (at a special price) and let us know what you think.
Blow off unsightly gock, goo, and clad.

Glass Rinser

Glass Rinser Review

Glass Rinser is an original new gadget from the people at First Wave, an innovation lab within the Delta Faucet Company. Switching off the power before drying solves the old problem of difficult-to-clean residues.

And for older schools, First Wave Glass Rinser makes it easy to wash items by hand. Add a little dishwashing detergent to the dirty item and press it against the rinser. boom. It will be clean soon.

The glass rinser can be easily installed in cold or hot water supply lines. If you use the Glass Rinser to handwash your items, we recommend using hot water.

Press down. Water sprays upward.
Press a glass, water bottle, or other item that is difficult to rinse onto the spring-loaded pad. As you do, high-pressure water blows up to wash out of reach.

Glass Rinser

Glass Rinser Features

Functions and applications
• Install in standard countertop holes.

• Easy to rinse. Or, add a little soap to dirty items to facilitate hand washing and disinfection.

• No on/off switch. You can do a powerful rinse just by pushing it down.

• All spray nozzles are centrally located. Ideal for narrow items.

• Powerful spray nozzle removes residue.

• Easy to install. Simply attach it to the sink and connect it to the water supply line (we recommend using hot water, especially if you plan to wash your hands).

• Rinse a very wide variety of cups, bottles and glasses.

A thin bottle? no problem.
Today’s insulated bottles keep water cool all day long. And it’s certainly convenient. However, they are so narrow that they are difficult to clean. Glass rinser to rescue. The water jet is centrally located, so you can effectively rinse your items even when narrow. It’s convenient. Especially for items that are not safe in the dishwasher.

Installation is easy. And love.
The glass rinser is designed to fit into a standard countertop mounting hole. This is a commonly used type for faucets, sprayers, and soap pumps. Just attach it to the counter and connect it to the water supply (hot water if you want to hand wash your items using the glass rinser). That way you are up and running.

Discard the soap pump.
Perhaps there is already room for the first Wave Glass Rinser. A complete replacement for your old countertop soap pump. Alternatively, if you are upgrading to a single hole faucet configuration, you can install a glass rinser in the empty countertop slot.

Glass Rinser

Glass Rinser Specification 

Glass Rinser has two finishes.
Great for home bars.
Looking for the perfect pint? Install the First Wave Glass Rinser on your home bar and use it to quickly rinse your pint glasses before pouring your next Hoppy IPA like a pro.

Our brilliant and purposefully small team.
First Wave is a team of engineers, innovators and explorers within the Delta Faucet Company. Our job is to imagine new and creative ways to make water work for consumers.
By design, our group is small. It keeps us agile. When we have an idea for a new product, we can refine it, produce it and bring it to market incredibly quickly.
But we are also autonomous. There are no corporate red tapes here. We are free to dream, explore and create.


Glass Rinser Price

If You Want to buy Glass Rinser You Can Get This Product ₹6481 INR Rupees.
And This Glass Rinser Price in Global Market $85 USD

Glass Rinser Price in USD $85 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Glass Rinser Price in India ₹6481 RUPEES


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