Gi-Fly E-Bike Review And Price

Gi-Fly E-Bike Review And Price is $2290 Dollar. Which is convert with Indian money Rs.174444.18 Indian Rupee. Today we will talk about Gi-Fly E-Bike Review. What we are going to discuss today is not really a gadget. It is actually an electrical bike issue that we are many people who like to ride a bike or motorcycle and in the present, there is a huge increase in the circulation of electric bikes and many like to ride these electric bikes today. We will discuss one such type of electric bike The nature of the bike is completely different from the other, and the amazing thing is that this bike is actually a folding bike, so who can fold it? So let’s get to know some of the details about this electric bike. Now the name of the E-Bike is Gi-Fly E-Bike.

Gi-Fly E-Bike Review

The Gi-Fly bike is an electronic, smart, maintenance-free, folding bike full-size, 26 “wheel that we’ve created for the future of urban travel. Made from ultra-lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum, the Gi-Flybike can be taken anywhere bus, train, office, lift or locker – without compromise. The Gi-fly bike gives people exactly what they need. Freedom to ride without excess or restraint.

Gi-Fly E-Bike

Gi-Fly E-Bike Price

Gi-Fly E-Bike Review And Price is $2290 Dollar. Which is convert with Indian money Rs.174444.18 Indian Rupee.

Gi-Fly E-Bike Specification

Product Name: Gi-Fly E-Bike

Brand: Gi-Fly

Model: GFB1

Motor: Bafang gearless hub rear wheel 250 wat motor

Battery: Custom Lithium Ferrum Phosphate (LifePo4) battery made with Panasonic cells – 2,800 mAh.

Gi-Fly E-Bike

Gi-Fly E-Bike Features

Flyfolding System: Folds in single seconds and at a normal speed. GPS System: Synchronizes wirelessly with iOS and Android. Solid, anti-puncture tire: No longer flat. Electric Flight Assistance: The Single LifePo 4 rides 40 miles (60 kilometers) on a battery charge. Belt Drive: Maintenance Free Riding. Greece is not. Don’t sound Your pants are safe. Smart Locking System: Automatically locks when you go 10 feet (5 meters) away. USB Phone Charger: Stay connected and never run out of battery. LED Smart Lights: Remote and automatic control with the app.

Gi-Fly E-Bike


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