FUELL Fluid Commuter E-Bike Review

Eric Buell Known in the industry as a pioneer of motorcycle racing technology, he was a former Harley-Davidson engineer and founded the Buell motorcycle company, which was later acquired by Harley-Davidson.
Buell’s latest move comes with legendary engineer Frederick Vassier, Alfa Romeo Formula One team leader, founder of Spark Racing Technology (Manufacturing Formula E Racers) and successful international motorcycle entrepreneur Francois-Xavier Tenny.

FUELL Fluid Commuter E-Bike

FUELL Fluid Commuter E-Bike Review

Use the Fuel Fluid Long-Distance Electric Bicycle to Upgrade You to A to B This powerful electric bike is equipped with two 504Wh batteries for easy replacement, which can take you up to 125 miles on a single charge. There are two types of fluids: pedicle and S-pedicle. The previous top speed is 20mph, while the next top speed is 28mph. The liquid has a light weight custom aluminum frame. Also, it is equipped with Shimano Alfine 8-speed gear hub and hydraulic disc brakes.

The handles have a built-in full color display that can give you a real-time indicator of battery power, distance and speed. This allows you to use a pin to secure your bike and you can choose between five support levels and walking support modes. With the help of USB charging port you can even charge your smartphone. With a huge torque of 100Nm, a maintenance-free design and an exterior exterior design, Fluid Hall is the ultimate way to bypass the city.

FUELL Fluid Commuter E-Bike

FUELL Fluid Commuter E-Bike Features

The team recently launched two new electric two-wheelers: the Flow electric motorcycle and the Fluid electric bicycle. Fuel fluid provides many high-end details. It has the acclaimed Gates carbon drive system, which uses carbon fiber belts instead of chain drives. It can reduce maintenance, improve efficiency and bring a quiet riding experience.
The EU version has a rated power of only 250W W with a 100km rated torque and a 500W powered customized intermediate drive motor.

The motor torque is large, but the 8-speed rear internal hub will increase the torque at the lower end. In addition, it is another maintenance-free part.

There are two versions, they have different maximum speeds separately. In Europe, Fluid-1 can reach speeds of up to 25 km / h, and in the United States it can reach speeds of up to 20 miles per hour. The Fluid-1S accelerates to 45 km / h in Europe and 28 mph in the United States. The braking power comes from a pair of Tektro HD-E hydraulic brakes. Again, less maintenance is emphasized here.

FUELL Fluid Commuter E-Bike

FUELL Fluid Commuter E-Bike Specification 

BATTERY:2x 504Wh
COLOR:Silver, Dark Grey, Dark Red, Rose Gold, Gold, Blue
Top Speed:Pedelec: 20mph S-Pedelec: 28mph
PACKAGE CONTENT:FUELL Fluid Commuter E-Bike, user mannual


FUELL Fluid Commuter E-Bike Price

If You Want to buy FUELL Fluid Commuter E-Bike You Can Get This Product ₹204753.49 INR Rupees.
And This FUELL Fluid Commuter E-Bike Price in Global Market $2813 USD

FUELL Fluid Commuter E-Bike Price in USD $2813 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
FUELL Fluid Commuter E-Bike Price in India ₹204753.49 RUPEES


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