Foampresso Review And Indian Price

Foampresso Review: Foampresso is not just about beer and stylish cocktails. It can be used for energy drinks such as Red Bull and monsters. For your birthday, entertain your kids with a fun and creative soft foam soft drink. So get your Foampresso today and give your guests a whole new drinking experience. In addition to making creamy foam, there is currently only one product on the market that is USB rechargeable and waterproof! Who needs a battery? Foampresso does not charge with the included USB cable. The LED light will continue to light up even after a 100% charge.


Foampresso Review

The special silicone-based construction allows the Foampresso to be hand-washed after use. We created a hermetic seal that protects the USB port from water tightness. Due to its portability, it can be taken anywhere and takes up very little space in the kitchen. Company experts in innovation and high tech equipment. Our knowledgeable team allows you to share our creations with you at an affordable price. Foampresso is the perfect combination of originality, innovative design, and functionality.


Foampresso How its Works!

Born of a fascinating, multifaceted Japanese culture, this innovative, high-tech yet easy-to-use device transforms a boring drink into a fun and elegant snack. Unleash your inner mixologist with this ingenious topper that creates a creamy foam from your drink.


Foampresso Specification 

Weight: 120g
Dimension: 74*47.5mm
Material: ABS, Silicon
Battery: 1200mah

Foampresso Price

If You Want to buy Foampresso You Can Get This Product ₹3,726.35 INR Rupees.
And This Foampresso Price in Global Market $49 USD

Foampresso Price in dollar $49 USD
Foampresso Price in Indian Money ₹3,726.35 RUPEES


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