Flynova Pro Boomerang spinner price in India, USA, Review

Meet the Flynova Pro, an electronic flying machine that can float, glide and climb in the air at your command, and then return to your hands like a boomerang. It allows you to illuminate any house with incredible acrobatic skills, asking people: “How did you do it?” Now, with the help of alchemy magic controller you will have more control than before, for example you can fly more, go further and perform more dazzling stunts.

Flynova Pro Boomerang spinner

Flynova Pro Boomerang spinner Review

It has been tested for safety and can be used with children. It is a worry-free way to entertain you and your loved ones for hours. Improve hand eye coordination while learning new skills and get up from the sofa. This is the perfect way to fix annoying locks and excessive screen time. The best part is you can do it anytime. And anyone. Somewhere. Really somewhere. Whether you have a backyard, a recreation room or a kitchen, Flynova Pro will bring you hours of fun and challenge, anyone can play with you.

The Flynova Pro brings three DJ-winning colored lights that when you launch into the sky, it looks like a neon meteor. If you really want to get attention, light up the Flinova Pro at night and practice your skills.
Easy to get started with Flynova Pro. Turn on the power button and hold the Flynova Proti at the top, but just shake it to start tossing! You will quickly learn about the endless possibilities of Flynova Pro flight.

Flynova Pro Boomerang spinner

Flynova Pro Boomerang spinner Features

The Flynova Pro can spin super fast while hovering in place. Put your hand under the Flyanova Pro and follow the spinning ball as much as possible so that you are redefining gravity. Who says magic is not real?
A slap will not sound. Sometimes it is a group of people. Find a partner or the whole team. Then freestyle while hovering, sliding and going back to the Flynova Pro. Make things more interesting by doubling the catch with different steps.Flynova Pro Flynova-the first “magic” provides a unique addition to the first generation of the controller.

With its infrared sensor and target magnet, this controller lets you unlock new levels of skills and enjoy hours of fun. Just press the button. By using the controller as a launch pad, the accuracy and flame of the old technique can be improved. Or expand the full list of new actions. Elevate the Flynova Pro’s flying sky to 49 feet (maximum), then use the controller’s magnetic attraction system to re-enter the capture. With three different colored lights, you can choose any color to illuminate the sky. From all magic controllers.

Flynova Pro Boomerang spinner

Flynova Pro Boomerang spinner Specification 

PACKAGE CONTENT:Flynova Pro Boomerang spinner, user mannual


Flynova Pro Boomerang spinner Price

If You Want to buy Flynova Pro Boomerang spinner You Can Get This Product ₹6389.54 INR Rupees.
And This Flynova Pro Boomerang spinner Price in Global Market $87 USD

Flynova Pro Boomerang spinner Price in USD $87 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Flynova Pro Boomerang spinner Price in India ₹6389.54 RUPEES


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