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Fineday Retro Bluetooth Typewriter Keyboard

Gain the ultimate touch typing experience with Findday. Easily connect multiple devices, enjoy a strong Bluetooth connection, and work fast with multi-function hotkeys.
Learn the Finde retro typewriter keyboard, you can use the latest technology for the neutro (new retro) experience. Immerse yourself in nostalgia, limit creativity and improve typing speed and accuracy.

Fineday Retro Bluetooth Typewriter Keyboard Review

The Retro Bluetooth typewriter keyboard on the Finade looks really old, but the functions are completely modern. In fact, this Bluetooth mechanical keyboard can be paired with up to three separate devices so you can use it with tablets and monitors and share it with your family. Also, whether you want wired or wireless connection, this retro mechanical keyboard can be connected via USB and Bluetooth.

This wireless typewriter keyboard brings you the typing experience when you touch it and ensures that you get your desired clicks and high-level typing sounds. Entering the next masterpiece quickly will make you feel like you are really improving. The retro bluetooth typewriter keyboard combines the latest technology with nostalgic design, and even has an LED backlight that emits a soft white light. Use the left scroll wheel to adjust the light, use the mounting bracket to adjust the angle, and use the right scroll wheel to adjust the volume.

Fineday Retro Bluetooth Typewriter Keyboard Features

Comfortable, consistent, responsive and good touch. With Findday, you will enjoy the original saddle-shaped keycaps and enjoy the sensitive type. OUTEMU The blue axis of the mechanical switch transmits obvious tangential and auditory responses. Finade provides the perfect care for your eyes and ears.

Composition is the embodiment of your thoughts and inner thoughts. It is a symbol of human civilization. The journey that began with Oracle scripts has been revolutionary digitized.

Finade can help you with our nostalgia without letting go of the latest technology, so that you can participate in integrated social and cultural development. Finade allows you to work on three devices simultaneously. Connect keyboards, mobile phones, tablets, laptops or desktops and get things done quickly with a powerful Bluetooth 5.0 connection.

Fineday Retro Bluetooth Typewriter Keyboard Specification 

Adjustments:Volume, Backlight
Connectivity:USB, Bluetooth
PACKAGE CONTENT:Fineday Retro Bluetooth Typewriter Keyboard, USER MANNUAL


Fineday Retro Bluetooth Typewriter Keyboard Price

If You Want to buy Fineday Retro Bluetooth Typewriter Keyboard You Can Get This Product ₹21449.11 INR Rupees.
And This Fineday Retro Bluetooth Typewriter Keyboard Price in Global Market $290 USD

Fineday Retro Bluetooth Typewriter Keyboard Price in USD $290 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Fineday Retro Bluetooth Typewriter Keyboard Price in India ₹21449.11 RUPEES


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