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Festo Bionic Spider Robot Review Price | Robot Spider Specification

Festo Bionic Spider Robot This crazy one is the BionicWheelBot. The design is a little more bio-inspired than the flying fox. Based on the Frac Flick Spider. It lives in the Sahara and can be moved very quickly with a unique combination of push-ups when threatened

Festo Bionic Spider Review

Like its biological model, the BionicWheelBot has eight legs, which helps with both walking and rolling. They are controlled by a total of 15 small motors that fit the knee joint and body. There are also 14 self-locking worm gear units, so the spider just needs to use energy to move its legs. However, it is not necessary to keep the body upright when stationary.
In rolling mode, the BionicWheelBot flips over its body like a real flick fluxpider. Thanks to the built-in inertial sensor, it always knows where it is and when it needs to be pushed again. As a result, rolling is much faster than walking, and you can even overcome up to 5% of slope uphill.

Festo Bionic Spider How its Work!

Festo has also made it more practical if there are few flashy robotics announcements. The first is the Bionic Workplace, which integrates a robot with numerous control devices and displays to allow human users to operate the system more efficiently.

In BionicWorkplace, the bionic robot arm works in conjunction with a number of support systems and peripherals that are networked and communicate with each other. At the same time, artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques turn Bionic Workplace into a continuously optimized learning and prediction system.

Festo Bionic Spider Specification 

BATTERY: 3200mha
HARDWARE: Motor, Gear System
MATERIAL: Carbon Fiber
PACKAGE CONTENT: Robot, Charger, User Manual

Festo Bionic Spider Price

If You Want to buy Festo Bionic Spider Robot You Can Get This Product ₹9186.30 INR Rupees.
And This Festo Bionic Spider Robot Price in Global Market $120 USD

Festo Bionic Spider Robot Price in dollar $120 USD
Festo Bionic Spider Robot Price in Indian Money ₹9186.30 RUPEES


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