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Festo Bionic Butterfly Robot Review Price | Robot Butterfly Specification

This was the last project at Fab Academy. In a course offered at FabLabs around the world, “Learn how to design, prototype and document ideas through hours of hands-on experience using digital fabrication tools.
This is a Bionic Butterfly that can fly in a windless indoor environment and can be controlled to turn left or right with a 2.4G wireless remote control. I decided to use carbon fiber as skeleton and structure, Arduino and 2.4g module as controller and communication part.

Festo Bionic Butterfly Review

Making wings decided to start with making butterfly wings. So I print the video screenshot directly like this
Next, cut the image in two, print it and paste it together.
The next step is to solve the structural strength problem. In experiments, we found that 502 adhesive was not enough with AB adhesive alone, so we finally glued the skeleton with a quick-drying AB adhesive.
AB adhesive does not adhere to metal, so it is convenient to use copper platinum paper as the mat pad in the following ways. It is still necessary to use copper wire to modify it to reinforce the early stages.
And because the weight per unit area is light, we chose fiber membrane as the material for the wings. However, subsequent practical testing has shown that this may not be a good choice. So finally I completed a pair of wings.

Festo Bionic Butterfly How its Work!

Body and Hardware Creation-KST-MS320 Servo arrives and plans to test. According to technical specifications: 0.08se / 60 degree 7.4V
+ -100 degree / 500-2500us
But we really need to test the speed when we move exactly 60 degrees.
First, I prepared a paper box, crushed the two holes, and attached the steering gear like this.

The effect is good, but according to actual test results, if the delay is 0.08se, the servo will only move 45 degrees instead of 60 degrees.
Therefore, a sliding rheostat is added to control the rotation speed of the servo.
What to use
Next, I added wings to the servo. Due to structural strength, we used a lot of AB glue for the servo connections.
The servos must be positioned at a 30 degree angle because the center edge of the wing must be vertical.

Once the correct angle is determined, firmly fix the servo at a right angle (30 degrees).
What to use
Uses a bent metal at a 30 degree angle that is used to secure the servo to ensure that it doesn’t shape.
Then glue the butterfly body with AB glue and attach the fixing bracket to 1/3

Festo Bionic Butterfly Specification 

BATTERY: 650mha
HARDWARE: Plastic, Mini Motor, Lithium-ion Battery
BATTERY RUN TIME: 7-8 minutes
CHARGE TIME: 30 Minutes
PACKAGE CONTENT: Butterfly, Charger, User Manual

Festo Bionic Butterfly Price

If You Want to buy Festo Bionic Butterfly You Can Get This Product ₹5364.03 INR Rupees.
And This Festo Bionic Butterfly Price in Global Market $39.25 USD

Festo Bionic Butterfly Price in dollar $70 USD
Festo Bionic Butterfly Price in Indian Money ₹5364.03 RUPEES


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