Festo Bionic Bat Robot Review Price | Robot Bat Specification

Festo Bionic Bat Robot Festo calls their Bionic Flying Fox “a superlight flying object with intelligent kinematics.” It is 87 cm long and has a wingspan of 228 cm, but weighs only 580 grams. The flying fox is the largest bat in the world, and its wings consist of skin membranes rather than wings. Imitation that requires creativity on the Festo side

Festo Bionic Bat Robot Review

We love Festo. Because every year, they invest the right amount of time and money in completely cool, highly functional, but limited-use creature-inspired robots. For the most part, Festo seems to be able to incorporate some of the lessons learned from designing and building these to create actionable new revenue-generating products. It’s good for them too, and they will keep making cool stuff. Over the last few years, we have met ants, butterflies, flying jellyfish and penguins, kangaroos, seagulls and more.

Festo announces two newest bionic learning network robots. One is a very convincing flying fox, and the other is a walking and tipping robot inspired by a Sahara spider.

Festo Bionic Bat Robot How its Work!

The model’s flying membranes are extremely thin, lightweight yet robust. Composed of two airtight films and elastane knitted fabric, welded at approximately 45,000 points. Due to its elasticity, even if the wings are retracted, there is almost no wrinkle. The honeycomb structure of the fabric prevents the growth of small cracks in the flying membrane. This means that the BionicFlyingFox can continue to fly even if there is small damage to the fabric.
The wings are separated into a primary and secondary control surface that are mechanically joined together. On the upstroke, the primary folds towards the secondary and on the downstroke it extends again. A small motor inside the body can adjust each wing individually, while a large brushless DC motor flaps.
Robots are a type of autonomy, they fly by themselves, but camera-based localization relies on ground stations, and all computing is offboard. Festo uses machine learning to optimize the flight behavior of BionicFlyingFox. This gives a slight improvement each time you perform a maneuver. But I don’t think it will be good enough to make an upside down landing.

Festo Bionic Bat Robot Specification 

BATTERY: 2400mha
HARDWARE: motor, carbon fiber body, wings
BATTERY RUN TIME: 7-10 minuts
CHARGE TIME: 40 minuts
MATERIAL: carbon fiber
PACKAGE CONTENT: Robot, Charging Cable, User Manual

Festo Bionic Bat Robot Price

If You Want to buy Festo Bionic Bat Robot You Can Get This Product ₹11482.88 INR Rupees.
And This Festo Bionic Bat Robot Price in Global Market $150 USD

Festo Bionic Bat Robot Price in dollar $150 USD
Festo Bionic Bat Robot Price in Indian Money ₹11,482.88 RUPEES


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