EyeVac Pet touchless Vacuum Price in India, USA, Review

EyeVac Pet touchless Vacuum, The EyeVac Pet model has a powerful motor that can suck all kinds of hair, dirt, dust or debris in a one-gallon (1.6-gallon) bagless container. EyeVac’s sensors use state-of-the-art infrared technology to automatically activate the vacuum when hair, dust, dirt or debris enters the entrance.
EyeVac’s 1.6-gallon large-capacity large-capacity tank can hold more pet hair than a standard handheld pet vacuum cleaner, meaning you need to empty the tank less often. Easy-to-use control dial settings and LED lights can indicate automatic, manual and jar complete settings.

EyeVac Pet touchless Vacuum

EyeVac Pet touchless Vacuum Review

Do you often find yourself sweeping the floor? Ivac Pet Non-Contact Vacuum Cleaner can easily remove pet hair, debris, food debris, etc. Just open it and swipe the infrared sensor. They will then detect any particles and the 1,400 watt motor will suck out any hair, dust and debris and automatically suck them easily into the dump cans.

In fact, cyclone vacuums with double filtration work together to remove debris from the floor and air. This non-contact vacuum cleaner is the perfect gadget for pets to keep the floor clean and dust-free. And, for added convenience, the red status indicator light lets you know when the bagless canister needs to be emptied. Finally, there are 2 options to choose from – Designer White and White with Pao Print – you can choose the style of your choice.

EyeVac Pet touchless Vacuum

EyeVac Pet touchless Vacuum Features

I-Vac Fixed Non-Contact Vacuum Cleaner for Pets is specifically designed for pets, impaired mobility or any area that needs regular cleaning.
Simply sweep the hair, dust and debris into the infrared sensor at the bottom of the device and it can be easily and automatically sucked into the easy-dump cans.

Cyclone vacuum with double filtration works simultaneously to clean floor and air debris
Always on “Automatic activation (via infrared sensor) function. Bagless tank capacity: 6.5 quarts. 1,400 watts.
When the bagless tank is full and ready to be emptied, the red status indicator flashes.EyeVac does not require a battery charger or docking station.

Just plug it in and use it. The rear hook allows the Ivac pet ropes to be neatly and neatly stored. EyeVac’s high-efficiency dual filter removes dirt, dust and pet dandruff molecules, sends clean air into your home, and allows you to breathe more easily.

EyeVac Pet touchless Vacuum

EyeVac Pet touchless Vacuum Specification 

Canister Capacity:4.8 L
Options:Designer White, White with Paw Prints
Cord Length:6′
MOTOR:1400 W
WEIGHT:14 pounds
DIMENSIONS:9 x 13.5 x 21 inches


EyeVac Pet touchless Vacuum Price

If You Want to buy EyeVac Pet touchless Vacuum You Can Get This Product ₹11171.27 INR Rupees.
And This EyeVac Pet touchless Vacuum Price in Global Market $149 USD

EyeVac Pet touchless Vacuum Price in USD $149 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
EyeVac Pet touchless Vacuum Price in India ₹11171.27 RUPEES


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