EyeRide HUD Helmet Smart Display Review & Best Price

The EyeRide HUD has the world’s smallest OLED screen ever made, a communication unit for listening to music, finding directions, answering calls, and a control unit that mechanically locks to the side of the helmet. It also has a HUD inspired by Google Glass. You can switch the functions of EyeRide simply by turning the knob or tapping. Written by former BMW and Airbus optics and photonics doctor. The HUD provides very clear graphics in a transparent format, making it easy to see the information without taking your eyes off the road.

The HUD unit is located in an adjustable rig so you can place it exactly where you need it. With a 55mm flat speaker and directional microphone, you can hear directions, talk, and communicate clearly regardless of external noise. With an external controller, you can switch between EyeRide’s multiple functions quickly and efficiently (even when wearing gloves), and for those unable to reach your hands, it’s always compatible with your phone’s native voice assistant. You can ask EyeRide to pull up navigation information for a specific destination without typing anything … when last checked, the holographic display, in-helmet audio, and voice assistant are literally Iron Man’s It was like that. With EyeRide you can take advantage of these features with a regular helmet.

EyeRide HUD

EyeRide HUD Review

Written by former BMW and Airbus optics and photonics doctor. Engineer. EyeRide is a patented all-in-one device that combines a heads-up display, GPS, hands-free kit, and voice commands to keep an eye on the road. Using HUD technology instead of a smartphone saves 4.2 seconds * of reaction time. * Indicators of French public security agencies.

EyeRide HUD

EyeRide has already passed the US, EU, and CA regulations, ensuring you get the protection you need while riding. Reliable safety.

Please concentrate! EyeRide displays Google Maps and plans in the line of sight. Bright and transparent so you can focus on your riding curves. Our 55mm 99dB flat speaker and directional microphone ensure a strong sound experience and connection with other riders. Spotify and YouTube music is available to keep you in the best mood.

Integrated the smallest Nano HD OLED technology. True Black means 100% image clarity and vivid color. It provides a brightness of 3000 nits. This is three times as bright as the iPhone for the sun.

EyeRide HUD

EyeRide HUD How its Work!

The size of the device has been significantly reduced, making it a perfect fit for your helmet and very easy to set up. It only takes 128 seconds to attach the EyeRide to your helmet.

Place the smallest 5.0 Bluetooth button on the handlebar to change music from the app. Two years of autonomy. Paste directly anywhere.

Super limited full option pack. The first custom-fit carbon helmet. Lighter (1,1kg). We will share the exact form later. This helmet is not yet available in the United States. Equipped with EyeRide head-up display. It is controlled by pushing the handlebar.

Since its initial launch in 2016, we have introduced two heads-up displays to the market (one for motorcycles and one for automobiles). Based on our experience, we have selected a world-class partner to reduce production time and provide the best product quality.

EyeRide HUD

EyeRide HUD Specification 

BATTERY: 1,700mha, Battery 2 hour full charge
HARDWARE: Transparent display, Optical engine, Sound Unit
CHARGE TIME: 2 Hours, Charging via USB-C
MATERIAL: Glass, Fiber Plastic
PRICE IN USD: $323.53
OS: IOS & Android compatible
PACKAGE CONTENT: Optical engine, battery, Magnetic mount, USB C cable, Sound Unit

EyeRide HUD Price

If You Want to buy EyeRide HUD You Can Get This Product ₹24,679.58 INR Rupees.
And This EyeRide HUD Price in Global Market $323.53 USD

EyeRide HUD Price in dollar $323.53 USD
EyeRide HUD Price in Indian Money ₹24,679.58 RUPEES


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