OLA Etergo smart AppScooter Price in India, USA, Review

In an important announcement today, Ola Electric said it has acquired electric scooter maker Itargo. The company is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and was founded in 2014. The most popular app scooter was launched in 2018. The biggest result of the acquisition is that Ola Electric will now launch its own electric scooter in India and abroad next year. Considering that Ola Electric can now integrate Itargo efficiency in this field, we can realize the presence of the upcoming Ola Electric Scooter.

Etergo smart AppScooter

Etergo smart AppScooter Review

The appscooter’s handlebar control lets you play calls, answer calls, play music, and control navigation and other driver-friendly applications via Bluetooth on a 7-inch touch screen. Due to battery storage limitations, most electric scooters have a much shorter travel distance than ordinary gasoline scooters. Due to the standard block design, it is difficult to stack battery power with multiple batteries Many electric scooters are designed more than short distances in cities.

If the app scooter is available in India, it will be one of the fastest scooters with a sprint of 0-45 km / h 3.9 seconds (compared to the Ather 450X, which has a sprint time of 0-40 km / h 3.3 seconds). The app scooter can use three batteries at a time and the maximum battery life is 240 km. Also, it has 50-liter under-seat storage space, which is much larger than a traditional thimble scooter.

The cockpit of the Appscooter is very spacious, equipped with a seven-inch full-color touch screen and connected to the Internet.

Etergo smart AppScooter

Etergo smart AppScooter Features

According to what we have read so far, the app scooter will definitely get a chance to be known as “Scooter Tesla” because it has many smart functions and has the potential to develop in the long run. While we wait to find out more features offered by Ola Electric’s upcoming scooters, here is some known information about Appscooter.

The Etergo Appscooter uses interchangeable battery technology, which can be fully charged in 2.3 hours. The battery pack weighs 7.5 kg, which is quite light (compared to the Revolt RV400, which has a replaceable battery pack and weighs 19 kg).

Etergo smart AppScooter

Etergo smart AppScooter Specification 

PRICE IN USD:$1864.07
PACKAGE CONTENT:Etergo smart AppScooter, user mannual


Etergo smart AppScooter Price

If You Want to buy Etergo smart AppScooter You Can Get This Product 135000 INR Rupees.
And This Etergo smart AppScooter Price in Global Market $1864.07 USD

Etergo smart AppScooter Price in USD $1864.07 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Etergo smart AppScooter Price in India ₹135000 RUPEES


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