Erato Verse Wireless Earbuds Price in India, USA, Review

After the successful launch of Eroto Apollo 7, Eroto has now launched a new product Verse. Versace is equipped with a new graphene driver technology that can deliver offensive sound quality, more rich and pure, while maintaining a light and compact bullet-shaped design.Verse is also equipped with new spinfit earplugs that can be rotated 360 so that the earlobes perfectly match the size of your ears.

Listening to music becomes one of the most endearing feelings you have ever had. Long battery life makes music available anytime, anywhere. With Eroto Verse, you get true audio satisfaction.

Erato Verse Wireless Earbuds

Erato Verse Wireless Earbuds Review

Use the Eroto Sloth Wireless Ergonomic Earplug to enjoy endless audio anytime, anywhere. With the help of SpinFit technology, this audio system can fit your ears securely and comfortably. The tip of the earplug can be rotated 360 degrees. It helps you get the perfect fit every time.

Also the battery life of the Shlok headset is up to 4 hours. However, with the included protective cover, you can play up to 15 hours. That’s more than enough for you all day. Inside there is a fancy graphene driver and a built-in MEMS microphone. Even with all this technology, the weight of each earplug is only 4.5 grams grams you will hardly notice that they are there, they can make some serious music.

Erato Verse Wireless Earbuds

Erato Verse Wireless Earbuds Features

Each earbud weighs just 4.5 grams, and is embedded with MEMS microphones to reduce power consumption, increase sensitivity, improve noise reduction, and achieve a full wireless connection.

The Eroto Versus has a unique integrated driver diaphragm, specifically designed to ensure the allowable alloy shifts the performance of the whole process to the most obvious mid-edge region as well as to amazing crystallization and clarity.
Graphene can develop thinner and flexible drivers that can reproduce stronger, richer and more accurate sound without excess weight or distortion. With advanced material technology, Varsi performs exceptionally well from deep alloy to sparkling treble.
Anytime, anywhere! The charging case can be fully charged up to 4 times for a total battery life of 15 hours. It is based on Versace, which provides 3 hours of music and 4 hours of talktime for charging.

Erato Verse Wireless Earbuds

Erato Verse Wireless Earbuds Specification 

PRICE IN USD:$149.99
PACKAGE CONTENT:Erato Verse Wireless Earbuds, user mannual


Erato Verse Wireless Earbuds Price

If You Want to buy Erato Verse Wireless Earbuds You Can Get This Product ₹11063.04 INR Rupees.
And This Erato Verse Wireless Earbuds Price in Global Market $149.99 USD

Erato Verse Wireless Earbuds Price in USD $149.99 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Erato Verse Wireless Earbuds Price in India ₹11063.04 RUPEES


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