EPOS GSP 600 series gaming headsets Prices

Acoustic Acoustic Gaming Headset-attached acoustic design and ergonomic ear pads are designed to achieve the best acoustic ceiling effect and to eliminate great passive noise.
Proprietary Speaker Systems advanced technology and proprietary transducers have audible clarity and provide competitive edge-enhancing shovel performance.

Flip-to-mute mic – A sound-canceling microphone with broadcast quality with a convenient flip mute function, which can eliminate breathing and background noise. The microphone with strong, flexible boom can be adjusted to the best pickup position.

EPOS GSP 600 series gaming headsets

EPOS GSP 600 series gaming headsets Review

The EPOS GSP 600 series of advanced gaming headsets has a comfortable design, a pleasing aesthetic appearance and high quality materials. This means you will only get headphones that you want to wear frequently, but headphones can also last year after year. There are four models in the series: GSP 600, GSP 601, GSP 602 and GSP 670. These high fidelity gaming headsets allow you to express your true potential and go beyond the ordinary gaming audio standard.

Getting good audio will make you feel like you really are in the world of gaming. The microphone has a silent boom that can be raised and lowered to provide an ideal pickup position. After these gamer headsets you will hear the voices of friends and foes as if they are actually by your side. The GSP600 series earphones are compatible with Mac OS X, PS5, Xbox Series X, PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch, so you can use it wherever you play.

EPOS GSP 600 series gaming headsets

EPOS GSP 600 series gaming headsets Features

Adjustable Comfort – The padded headband has a regular pressure function and can be customized to fit. The solid metal wrist attachment automatically tilts the earlobes and the dual-component ear cushions keep the ear cool, helping to reduce passive noise and ensuring comfort during long gaming sessions.
High compatibility-Compatible with other consoles including PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One, and 3.5mm jack input (some Xbox One controllers may require Xbox One stereo headset adapters, which need to be purchased separately).

Intuitive Volume Control – The built-in volume wheel of the right earmuff can be adjusted very quickly in real time during the game. You can adjust the audio height without leaving the game.
Durable and durable carefully selected high quality materials and tested for durability and reliability. Strong metal hinges can prevent repeated running to achieve a longer service life. The ear pads and cover are designed as interchangeable, and spare parts are available in stores.

EPOS GSP 600 series gaming headsets

EPOS GSP 600 series gaming headsets Specification 

COLOR:Black, Red
PACKAGE CONTENT:EPOS GSP 600 series gaming headsets, user mannual


EPOS GSP 600 series gaming headsets Price

If You Want to buy EPOS GSP 600 series gaming headsets You Can Get This Product ₹15966.38 INR Rupees.
And This EPOS GSP 600 series gaming headsets Price in Global Market $219 USD

EPOS GSP 600 series gaming headsets Price in USD $219 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
EPOS GSP 600 series gaming headsets Price in India ₹15966.38 RUPEES


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