Epomaker AKKO 3068B Hot-swappable Keyboard Review

Epomaker AKKO 3068B Hot-swappable Keyboard, Inspired by the black and pink theme AKKO is interested in its unique aesthetics and perfection, so after enjoying different versions of the keyboard, let’s transform it for this keyboard, and at the same time. Three common color designs, black, dark gray and light pink, low-key-caps tell their stories subtly.

65% hot-swappable keyboard 65% layout keyboard can be the right size for games and office. Despite being small and light, it holds the final keyless keyboard with shortcut keys and arrow keys. The compact numeric keyboard also saves space for the mouse. Additionally, the keyboard supports 3/5-pin hot swap. Can be changed by other 3/5 pin switches for DIY purposes

Epomaker AKKO 3068B Hot-swappable Keyboard

Epomaker AKKO 3068B Hot-swappable Keyboard Review

Use the Epomaker AKKO 3068B black and pink hot-swappable keyboard for a flexible typing experience. This stylish computer accessory supports 3/5-pin hot swapping, allowing you to change keys when you want a different typing experience. In fact, it has 68 keys and 20 novel keys, as well as extra keycaps for other layouts. At the same time, 65% of the layout is very suitable for gaming and office use.

The RGB backlight adds interesting elements to the game and has a variety of effects. In addition, the adjustable typing height allows you to customize the typing to meet your needs. Even better, this keyboard has three types of connections – Bluetooth 5.0, 2.4 GHz wireless and Type-C USB wired. Also, the CS Jelly Switch can withstand 50 million clicks, which brings a pleasurable and lasting experience. Each switch type – Jelly Blue, Jelly Pink and Jelly White – offers a different touch experience.

Epomaker AKKO 3068B Hot-swappable Keyboard

Epomaker AKKO 3068B Hot-swappable Keyboard Features

Three connection modes: Type-C cable equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 and 2.4GHz and 1800mAh batteries, this keyboard supports wireless and wired connection. With the wireless option, you can choose Bluetooth (up to 5.0) or 2.4GHz and the voting rate can reach up to 1000hz, 2.4GHz. With wired mode, you can program macros to better match your typing habits. Fn + E / R / T (Bluetooth) / Y (2.4GHz) / U (USB wired) can easily change mode
PBT keycap in ASA profile and double-shot technology For this model, we use PBT material and make it using double-shot technology.

It is a complex manufacturing process in which injection molds are used to make two separate plastic key-caps. The details and technology make this suit an ideal choice when you are looking for an alternative suit. The ASA profile adopts a high-profile design and is engraved. With this ergonomic spirit, you can even place your fingers freely on keycaps
Original AKKO CS Jelly Switch CS Jelly Switch A single switch has an average lifespan of 50 million clicks, which can give you an exciting and long lasting experience.

AKKO CS Jelly White is a quiet word and light weight 35gf easy to click. AKKO CS Jelly Blue has a sensitive feel, a low trigger and a medium weight 40gf- a soft click. AKKO CS Jelly Pink Very heavy linear, quiet sound, 45gf weight seems to be pressed

Epomaker AKKO 3068B Hot-swappable Keyboard

Epomaker AKKO 3068B Hot-swappable Keyboard Specification 

WEIGHT:2.46 pounds
Configurations:Jelly Pink, Jelly Blue, Jelly White
DIMENSIONS:17.83 x 10.71 x 3.74 inches
PACKAGE CONTENT:Epomaker AKKO 3068B Hot-swappable Keyboard, USER MANNUAL


Epomaker AKKO 3068B Hot-swappable Keyboard Price

If You Want to buy Epomaker AKKO 3068B Hot-swappable Keyboard You Can Get This Product ₹6811.52 INR Rupees.
And This Epomaker AKKO 3068B Hot-swappable Keyboard Price in Global Market $89.99 USD

Epomaker AKKO 3068B Hot-swappable Keyboard Price in USD $89.99 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Epomaker AKKO 3068B Hot-swappable Keyboard Price in India ₹6811.52 RUPEES


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