Elago AirPods 3 Price in India, USA, Review

Elago AirPods 3, brings back the essential accessories specifically designed for AirPods 3! Dust Guard is a thin metal sticker that prevents metal dust from accumulating in the magnetic interior of the charging case. Without a dust cover, the metal will collect in your case and eventually soil the case. Keep your case clean and have the first day as you got them!Installation can be a little tricky, but it’s worth it!

Elago AirPods 3

Elago AirPods 3 Review

Use the elago AirPods 3 Dust Guard to keep your earplugs in their best condition. This accessory is specially designed to be placed in the earplug box to prevent metal dust accumulation. Without the AirPods 3 dust cover, this accumulation can eventually stain your case and even affect the magnetic interior components, causing damage.

In addition, its thickness is only 0.04 mm, so it will not prevent your case from opening and closing. Stick the guide sticker in your box to align it with the hole. Then, install the bottom guard and check that the two pieces are aligned properly. Finally, these AirPods accessories add a unique touch to your protective case. Moreover, there are three finishes to choose from Gold, Rose Gold and Dark Gray and there is always one suitable for everyone.

Elago AirPods 3

Elago AirPods 3 Features

Follow the installation instructions given in the picture. Since the launch of the first generation product, Elago has been building Dust Guard. Understand the dangers some people encounter during the installation process. If you have any questions, contact the customer service team for help!
The metallic finish adds an amazing look to your charging case! Since the dust cover is very thin, the user will not face functional interruptions, and the housing can be closed without any problems!

Perfect gift for any new user! Perfect for birthday gifts and presents for loved ones during the holiday season – especially Christmas stock items, but also great for other holidays!
elago is a leading design company. The motto is simplicity and complexity, because the products we create are both practical and great! We always create products that we use ourselves, so I know you will like it!

Elago AirPods 3

Elago AirPods 3 Specification 

COLOR:Gold, Rose Gold, Dark Gray
WEIGHT:0.317 ounces
MATERIAL:Chrome, Nickel, Acrylic Ester
DIMENSIONS:4.72 x 3.27 x 0.55 inches


Elago AirPods 3 Price

If You Want to buy Elago AirPods 3 You Can Get This Product ₹898.95 INR Rupees.
And This Elago AirPods 3 Price in Global Market $11.99 USD

Elago AirPods 3 Price in USD $11.99 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Elago AirPods 3 Price in India ₹898.95 RUPEES


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