Ekster 3 Worlds Slimmest Smart Wallet review

Use Exter 3.0.0 Voice Activation Smart Wallet, always know where your wallet or mobile phone is. Ekster 3.0 is the first voice-activated smart wallet of all time to be compatible with all Alexa and Google Home devices.

The whole trigger now has powerful hardware, eliminating any possibility of jamming / breaking, so your wallet will not radiate like before. Prevent scratches and wear. Your card can be pulled out for easy access with the help of concealed interior casing and redesign mechanism.
New leather means new improvements: All Xter 3.0.0 products use leather that scratches less than before wal make sure your wallet is not only usable, it also looks great.

Ekster 3 Worlds Slimmest Smart Wallet

Ekster 3 Worlds Slimmest Smart Wallet Review

These smart wallets start with solar trackers less than half an inch thick and thin, so you can never move them again. This slim tracker only requires three hours of sunlight to run for two months and lets you track your wallet on a map. If you are within close range, you can use the tracker to make calls to your wallet or phone with a double ring. The wallet has a patented card slider mechanism to ensure you can access the card quickly in any situation. Just click the trigger to pop up the six most used cards. Also, with the help of EXTERF RFID protection technology, they can safely emit sound from electronic packets.

Ekster 3 Worlds Slimmest Smart Wallet

Ekster 3 Worlds Slimmest Smart Wallet Features

Whether it’s a smart speaker or a smart phone, you can view your wallet completely hands-free. You can find the wallet without moving from the comfort of the sofa! Each tracker has a unique QR code, which can be linked to a smartphone like a fingerprint. Scanning this QR code will notify you immediately via notification.
The upgraded Bluetooth 4.2 provides a more stable connection and doubles the connection limit to 200 feet (60 meters). Separation alerts are now more accurate and will notify you immediately if you are too far away from your wallet or phone.

Chipolo’s global lost and found network is spread all over the world, even if your wallet is not within the Bluetooth range, it can help you find your wallet. You’ll get GPS to update a user’s location when they’re in a lost item.
Even double-click the tracker button to sound the alarm on your phone in silent mode or use the Chipolo app on your phone to sound a higher alarm from your wallet. The ringtone volume has now been doubled to make it easier to restore your wallet! 3 hours of sunshine lets you charge for 2 months.

Ekster 3 Worlds Slimmest Smart Wallet

Ekster 3 Worlds Slimmest Smart Wallet Specification 

Connectivity:Bluetooth 4.0, Crowd GPS
Bluetooth Range:200 Feet, Worldwide Lost & found
MATERIAL:Leather, Anodized Aluminum
THICKNESS:Starting at 0.15 inches
PACKAGE CONTENT:Ekster 3 Worlds Slimmest Smart Wallet, user mannual


Ekster 3 Worlds Slimmest Smart Wallet Price

If You Want to buy Ekster 3 Worlds Slimmest Smart Wallet You Can Get This Product ₹2132.84 INR Rupees.
And This Ekster 3 Worlds Slimmest Smart Wallet Price in Global Market $29 USD

Ekster 3 Worlds Slimmest Smart Wallet Price in USD $29 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Ekster 3 Worlds Slimmest Smart Wallet Price in India ₹2132.84 RUPEES


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