Einova Mundus Pro sanitizing device PRICE IN INDIA, USA, REVIEW

Meet Ainovar Mundas Pro. It is the only UV-C disinfection equipment approved by EPA and Intertech.Mundas Pro also has a Q-certified fast wireless charging base that can charge up to three devices simultaneously.
Synthesize your phone in less time without drinking a cup of coffee. Press the touch-sensitive button to start the 8 minute cleaning cycle. The LED indicator shows progress at a glance. In a hurry? Take out your belongings in just 4 minutes, the disinfection work is basically done.

Einova Mundus Pro sanitizing device

Einova Mundus Pro sanitizing device Review

Do you think that if you have ever seen a disinfectant device, have you seen it? Think again, because the Aino Mundas Pro sterilization device is different. This powerful microbicide device can eliminate 99.99% of viruses and bacteria in just eight minutes. It provides a combination of dual UV-C lamps and UV-C LED wavelengths, as well as four levels of microbial killing protection, including ozone and titanium dioxide (a photocatalyst). This stylish and compact device designed by Italians has been certified by EPA and Intertech and can actually kill E. coli and coronavirus in just 10 seconds.

The disinfectant function is great and useful but it can also be used as a Q-certified wireless charging base. Therefore, just put it on top to power up the smartphone. Also, there is an 18-watt fast charging port that can charge gadgets via USB. In the end, it looks great so you can put it anywhere in your home.

Einova Mundus Pro sanitizing device

Einova Mundus sanitizing device Features

The Mundas Pro will turn off the UV-C lamp immediately as long as you open the id, so your eyes will never be affected by it.
The Mundas Pro interior sterilization room can accommodate multiple items: two mobile phones, sunglasses, watches, earpods, personal protective masks or other suitable items can be placed simultaneously. The textured bottom ensures that the UV-C lamp can be accessed from all angles without flipping or rotating the items.

Charge three devices simultaneously via wireless charging points and fast charging ports on USB.
Two 10W fast wireless charging points with fast charging algorithms have passed the Wireless Power Alliance’s Q certificate, so you can be sure that your device can be performed safely and reliably at twice the speed of standard wireless charging of compatible devices. The 18W USB fast charging port is perfect for Apple Watch charging stands or any other USB device.

Einova Mundus Pro sanitizing device

Einova Mundus Pro sanitizing device Specification 

USB Charging:18 W
PACKAGE CONTENT:Einova Mundus Pro sanitizing device, USER MANNUAL


Einova Mundus Pro sanitizing device Price

If You Want to buy Einova Mundus Pro sanitizing device You Can Get This Product ₹5880.74 INR Rupees.
And This Einova Mundus Pro sanitizing device Price in Global Market $79 USD

Einova Mundus Pro sanitizing device Price in USD $79 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Einova Mundus Pro sanitizing device Price in India ₹5880.74 RUPEES


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