Eclipse is currently one of the most unique EDC tools. Starting with the size of the coin, it quickly turns into a small but stiff knife that can help you with all your daily tasks. It also has a key chain loop which is very suitable for umbrella cords, keys or lanyards. It has two sweet color options and two upgradeable titanium or copper options.

Eclipse EDC Knife

Eclipse EDC Knife Review

The coin shape is perfect for holding pockets, purses or even necklaces. It matches the size and outline of many original chains but has more functionality. Unlike many everyday carry knives, Grahapps can actually fit comfortably in your pocket. The thickness is only 6mm, which is half the size of most other SD knives, and the thickness is equal to the Walking Liberty Silver Dollar currency.Digitalized as the most ergonomic and comfortable nanoblade. Your hands will naturally fall into a comfortable and stable position.

There is even a finger gap to help make it more stable and stable. The handle is made of G10 FR-4 fiberglass epoxy resin. This is the same material used in many gun handles and high-end knives.

The planet has a button lock, frame lock style, this design can snap the blade firmly when opening and closing the blade, consequently preventing the blade from opening the blade on the plate. While your finger provides adequate locking power, it does not need to be locked, but it can provide additional protection. The blade is closed away from the fingers, so it is usually safer than a folding knife.

Eclipse EDC Knife

Eclipse EDC Knife Features

It has a knife-like flat edge and it lengthens the piece blade, which increases durability and allows pricing and other hard work. The tip is still very sharp, allowing it to stick to the cardboard and tape when fine, detailed cutting operations are required. However, the best part is that I have been able to add a very shallow chisel grinder due to the height of the blade, which makes the knife battery smooth when cutting.

Although small, the eclipse actually consists of 24 separate parts. The connection system is designed as a distorted 4-bar connection system After careful consideration, the handle will not scratch when the blade is closed and it will not move away from the finger when it is opened.

The connecting rod is concentrated in high-quality phosphor bronze washers, which help prevent wear and prolong the life of the knife. The pivot is large, which can improve the overall rigidity and durability of the process. The blade is heat-treated 440C stainless steel, which is a very tough and durable steel with great edge retention and corrosion resistance. Heat treatment is extremely important because it can increase the hardness of the material and many 440C blades do not use this level of quality.

The button lock is a simple “foolproof” system that can safely and reliably keep the knife open or closed.The Horizon Knives logo is engraved on the blade, making the manufacturer’s trademark subtle and elegant, and the mainstream brand name “bill-board” is not seen on mainstream brands. All edges of the knife body are rounded to avoid any scratch corners

Eclipse EDC Knife

Eclipse Knife Specification 



Eclipse Knife Price

If You Want to buy Eclipse EDC Knife You Can Get This Product ₹281.99 INR Rupees.
And This Eclipse EDC Knife Price in Global Market USD

Eclipse EDC Knife Price in USD in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Eclipse EDC Knife Price in India ₹281.99 RUPEES


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