EBS 260 Handjet Portable SMART Printer PRICE IN INDIA, USA, REVIEW

Hand-held inkjet printers can print large decorative letters up to 2.2 inches in height. Industrial This is a versatile device designed to mark manufactured products. Equipped with built-in touch screens and inkjet proprietary software, users can identify products such as concrete, metal pipes, plastic woven bags, wood and other materials. Barcode scanning and printing upgrades allow manufacturers and retailers to use an intuitive handheld printer that uses the latest data-driven technology for search.

EBS 260 Handjet Portable SMART Printer

EBS 260 Handjet Portable SMART Printer Review

With automatic updates including date / time stamp, service life, storage life cycle, expiration date, object number (increment / reduction counter), code 1D and code 2D code, EBS 260 is a fully customizable inventory printer that can track your product . If you need special text labels, you can access Windows (TrueType) fonts, diacritical natural characters, Chinese characters, Cyrillic characters, etc.

By opening Inkjet’s software, you can find unique shipping graphics that include additional information, warning labeling and Provides details. Platform
The EBS 260 Handjet is not compatible with the Firefox web browser. It is connected via WiFi and is equipped with Bluetooth LTE technology, allowing seamless wireless data transmission from a computer or external device. A WiFi network is required to connect to the printer and run the software through the built-in web server. Or, if you wish, you can copy the printed message to the EBS handjet memory via the USB port on the side of the device. It allows users to easily access, create and import data lists with many part numbers.

EBS 260 Handjet Portable SMART Printer

EBS 260 Handjet Portable SMART Printer Features

The ultra-lightweight printer, built by the EBS inkjet system, weighs just 2.5 pounds and enables users to mark, code and mark products anywhere, to make it mobility-enabled. The EBS 260 printer replaces old fashioned handheld devices, such as stencil copiers and roll coding devices, equipped with an electronic magnetic print head, battery and complete wireless control function. The new EBS 260 is labor intensive, more affordable, and can be configured seamlessly with handheld devices
What makes the next generation of inkjet handheld printers so revolutionary? First, the EBS 260 performs very well when printing on non-absorbent surfaces.

Whether it is PVC pipe, cement sludge block or glass window glass, solvent based inks can adapt well to materials that are difficult to process. It can be said that the most impressive part of the inkjet handheld printer is the user-friendly printing activity.

The following is a step-by-step process for branding products using EBS 260:
Step 1: Place the rubber roller on the surface for printing.
Step 2: Press the “Print” button.
Step 3: Start removing the printer on the surface of the product-inkjet printing will automatically adapt to the user’s speed.
Finally, users can scroll through hundreds of pre-stored impressions by navigating through the intuitive built-in touch screen. You can also view the final template before pressing the “Print” button before printing the final label.

EBS 260 Handjet Portable SMART Printer

EBS 260 Handjet Portable SMART Printer Specification 

PRICE IN USD:$272.90


EBS 260 Handjet Portable SMART Printer Price

If You Want to buy EBS 260 Handjet Portable SMART Printer You Can Get This Product ₹20000 INR Rupees.
And This EBS 260 Handjet Portable SMART Printer Price in Global Market $272.90 USD

EBS 260 Handjet Portable SMART Printer Price in USD $272.90 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
EBS 260 Handjet Portable SMART Printer Price in India ₹20000 RUPEES


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