Dr CLOBO Telehealth Smart camera price in India, USA, review

During the Kovid-1p epidemic, are you particularly concerned about the risk of infection in a crowded clinic or hospital?
Or is it because of the astronomical treatment costs and time consuming treatment process that prevents you from taking care of yourself? Or, you may want to look inside the ear or nose when you are feeling an ear or sinus infection. Your skin can also be a source of concern but it is difficult to monitor your pores closely.
Dr CLOBO Telehealth Smart camera

Dr CLOBO Telehealth Smart camera Review

Use the Dr. CLBO Telemedicine Camera to manage your health in comfort at home. The device inspects the home for easy access. With the help of Dr. CLBO you can get close to the inside of the face, the back of the scalp, the holes behind the ears and inside, sores, etc. Therefore, you do not need to take photos of these areas with your phone. In addition, the device also integrates an application that can see these hard-to-reach areas in real time via phone.

Move the compact high-resolution camera to the desired location to easily monitor it. Also, please allow the doctor to analyze your photos within 24-48 hours, but an additional fee will be charged. That way, you don’t have to make an appointment with a doctor in person. Overall, these telemedicine cameras can help improve your health through regular health monitoring.

Dr CLOBO Telehealth Smart camera

Dr CLOBO Telehealth Smart camera Features

Teeth decay without proper tools is clever and difficult to detect Isn’t it amazing that you can examine your teeth closely and thoroughly at home without going to the dentist? Dr CLOBO Telehealth Smart camera allows you to observe any dental problems that make you close.
Tartar buildup is difficult to detect, but it is easy to detect with a Doctor CLBO camera. Or do you feel that something is stuck in your teeth even after floating?

Dr. CLOBO The camera allows you to observe closely, so you can easily find and remove the food stuck in your teeth. Dr CLOBO Telehealth Smart camera will allow you to continue up-to-date procedures before problems cause serious complications, or to make sure they are healing. This on-demand oral imaging technology is the first of its kind to allow people to better control their daily facial care.

Physician CLOBO makes it easy for children to take pictures of their dental problems, otherwise they may find it difficult to express their discomfort or pain. You can easily check your wrinkles or pores with your high-definition camera at home. You can get a Doctor CLBO camera to monitor closely from your scalp and easily share your photos and videos with your skin care experts.

Dr CLOBO Telehealth Smart camera

Dr CLOBO Telehealth Smart camera Specification 

Camera Heads:2
Camera Accessories:Reflector, Safety Cap


Dr CLOBO Telehealth Smart camera Price

If You Want to buy Dr CLOBO Telehealth Smart camera You Can Get This Product ₹5139.47 INR Rupees.
And This Dr CLOBO Telehealth Smart camera Price in Global Market $69 USD

Dr CLOBO Telehealth Smart camera Price in USD $69 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Dr CLOBO Telehealth Smart camera Price in India ₹5139.47 RUPEES


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