DOBOT MG400 Desktop Collaborative Robot

The MG400 is a lightweight desktop robot with a smaller area than the A4 piece of paper. The design of the MG400 is lightweight, user-friendly and secure and can be easily integrated into any production line or laboratory bench, making it easy to use and affordable. Due to its cost and features, the MG400 is being enriched in small-scale manufacturing, laboratory automation, research and development applications.

The DOBOT MG400 is manufactured for small and medium-sized enterprises that certainly respond to seasonal needs and are highly customized. This industry-grade compact robot can adapt seamlessly to short-term production and customers can use it to automate processes including test touch screen, loading and unloading equipment, delivery, quality inspection, etc.
In order to maximize the potential of the MG400 as a productivity tool, professional and reliable performance has always been a top priority since the design process began.

DOBOT MG400 Desktop Collaborative Robot

DOBOT MG400 Desktop Collaborative Robot Review

For small and large enterprises, the DOBOG MG400 desktop companion robot is an affordable choice. This lightweight desktop robot is suitable for loading and unloading, delivering, inspecting and repeating tasks and can even deliver ice cream. In addition, the bottom of the DOBOG MG400 provides 190mm squares and three different programming methods: reading and playback, graphic programming, and LUA scripting. No matter what your programming experience, you can handle applications of varying complexity.

To help developers use robots in their projects, the Dobot MG400 supports four programming languages: C, C ++, C # and Python. Additionally, it has a dynamic library suitable for Windows and Linux platforms it, as well as demonstration projects for QT, ROS, Labview, and Matlab platforms can help developers build their own applications faster. Lastly, it saves teaching time by moving it to the desired location.

DOBOT MG400 Desktop Collaborative Robot

DOBOT MG400 Desktop Collaborative Robot Features

Professional Hardware: The MG400 has a controller design based on the Linux real-time system and uses the most advanced 1-to-4 servo drive technology.
High precision: All axes use low-voltage DC servo motors with mechanical transmission elements including high-precision absolute position encoder and low backlash. These all take the MG400 to a higher position, which can create repetitive accuracy up to 0.05mm.
Long lasting: The MG400 has been rigorously tested to ensure that its service life exceeds 12,000 hours (10 hours a day for 3 years)

The MG400 is designed with small batch production in mind. The size of the robot is 190 mm (7.48 inches) × 190 mm (7.48 inches), light weight, can be installed in a backpack and can be installed in a compact structure, sitting on a desk or workbench, So that you can be provided with full service flexibility throughout the enterprise.
The MG400 adopts protection as the core, adopts advanced collision detection algorithms and its collision ball polarity is less than 12N. When the robot encounters an obstacle, it immediately stops running, making it the same ally with the world’s best allied robot.

The MG400 uses a trumpeting algorithm developed by DOOBT with speed planning and dynamic algorithms. This allows the robot to deliver an accurate trajectory at a steady speed, thus performing well in tasks such as distribution.

The MG400 can be programmed through teaching and playback, block programs and LUA scripts without programming experience, suitable for beginners and older programmers.
With the help of the dynamic gravity compensation algorithm used in the robot, the first time user can easily move the robot to the desired position. The MG400 will be able to return to these courses with first class accuracy.

DOBOT MG400 Desktop Collaborative Robot

DOBOT MG400 Desktop Collaborative Robot Specification 

PRICE IN USD:$2248.62


DOBOT MG400 Desktop Collaborative Robot Price

If You Want to buy DOBOT MG400 Desktop Collaborative Robot  You Can Get This Product ₹163150.87 INR Rupees.
And This DOBOT MG400 Desktop Collaborative Robot  Price in Global Market $2248.62 USD

DOBOT MG400 Desktop Collaborative Robot Price in USD $2248.62 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
DOBOT MG400 Desktop Collaborative Robot Price in India ₹163150.87 RUPEES


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