DisMug Disinfecting Device Price in India, USA, Review

Dismug is not just another “innovative” disinfection box.
Dismug is not even another innovative sterile device.
Dismug is a game-changing device in the shape of a cup. It has rotating technology that can mix and remove valuables inside. It has the ability to clean valuables 360 degrees – and that’s the great part, it’s also suitable for your desk and car cup holder and also has the most ease of use.
Disinfectant is important, but easy to forget and often difficult to perform, which is why dismug-perfect disinfection devices have been created for your car or desk, which can easily, quickly and safely disinfect valuables. Don’t worry about the risk of disinfectant spreading or loss of valuables.

DisMug Disinfecting Device

DisMug Disinfecting Device Review

Dangerous bacteria surround you and your valuables. Dismug is a stylish and compact device that can disinfect everything from keys and masks to credit cards and smartphones. It has two modes of complete disinfection 45 45 seconds and 12 minutes of complete disinfection.

In fact, thanks to the clever rotation technology powered by the electric motor, Dismag can disinfect any of its objects with 360 degree ultraviolet rays, which you can open and close. The device also has a special holder for credit cards or business cards, pens and stylus. Its familiar and modern cup design is very suitable for your car, desk or backpack. It can be used to safely disinfect valuables anytime and anywhere. Finally use the USB-C port to easily charge the built-in durable battery. DisMug is the answer to your disinfectant needs.

DisMug Disinfecting Device

DisMug Disinfecting Device Features

There are lots of bacteria, bacteria and viruses around us. Most of them do not have the opportunity to be fully exposed to ultraviolet light. When you focus on the more interesting things, the UV light of Dismag knocks them out with a click.
Dismug uses 360 degree objects disturbed by ultraviolet light, which can be completely sterilized without any residue, odor or damage.

Let DisMug sterilize your phone and money as you get into a car and concentrate on enjoying driving looks great, yes!
Dismug is very easy to use and has a stylish design that will envy most socially distant friends. The device has two operating modes – complete sterilization for 45 seconds and bulletproof sterilization as much as possible within 12 minutes. When finished, you will be notified by a sound signal.

The privacy lies in the clever rotating technology that is driven by electric motors that can be turned on and off. When rotating, it can rotate small valuables (coins, keys) so that the light reaches its entire surface. After turning off the rotation function, the device will continue to be infected, but it will be absolutely silent.
For the convenience of the customers, we have made a simple machine cap to close the bottle cap. Most importantly, the device has a rechargeable, long-lasting battery and uses a universal C-type connector.

DisMug Disinfecting Device

DisMug Disinfecting Device Specification 

Disinfectant:UV LIGHT


DisMug Disinfecting Device Price

If You Want to buy DisMug Disinfecting Device You Can Get This Product ₹4472.26 INR Rupees.
And This DisMug Disinfecting Device Price in Global Market $60.93 USD

DisMug Disinfecting Device Price in USD $60.93 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
DisMug Disinfecting Device Price in India ₹4472.26 RUPEES


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