DAM vacuum-insulated Cooler Review and Prices

Focusing on performance and actual quality, rigid coolers have been created in injection molding instead of rotating molding – it helps improve the efficiency of the design and manufacturing process and you will see the prices reflect this.
Using advanced vacuum insulation board technology, we can achieve great performance by maintaining a small volume while maintaining a large volume, the kind of volume and space that is not seen in more expensive radiators.
Since the first portable cooler came out, various insulating materials have been used to reduce temperature changes. There is very little sand, foam, down, gas and polyurethane (rotmolding coolers).

DAM vacuum-insulated Cooler

DAM vacuum-insulated Cooler Review

The Dam Cooler Vacuum Insulated Cooler series can keep your food and beverages at extremely low temperatures for long periods of time. The DAM25 and DAM35 hard coolers provide a fancy way to freeze ice cubes for a week using vacuum insulation technology the way it not only keeps the materials cool, but provides a lightweight and low profile design that is only 1.2 inches thick.

The efficient, versatile and practical Dam Radiator series includes SoftCall 1515 and SoftCol 20 soft radiators. They have a leak-proof body, 32mm insulation, heavy duty side pockets, cup holders, storage bags, removable belts, etc. The DAM cooler series also includes a 2 in 1 backpack cooler, luggage bag and cooler function. It can hold two laptops and has a 10.5-liter insulator cooler on the back. Any of these radiators can make your time outside the home easier.

DAM vacuum-insulated Cooler

DAM vacuum-insulated Cooler Features

Some are better than others but they all have disadvantages. From hygiene to environmental impact, weight, volume and cost it can be removed through an air pressure shell enclosing all the air heat insulating material inside a type of thermal insulation.
Vacuum insulation technology can significantly reduce the molecular speed of air between gaps, thereby reducing heat transfer through conduction (through contact), synthesis (through expansion) or radiation (through ultraviolet rays and other waveforms).

Therefore, their thermal conductivity is about one-fifth that of the best conventional insulating materials, and therefore 5 times higher than the heat resistance per unit thickness.
Ice retention is the number one mover competitor in the high-performance cooler market
The cooler design is also easy to use. The uniqueness of the dam radiator is its inverted D-type latch system, which is ergonomic and convenient for the wrist.

Whenever you are inclined to drink, you will be greeted by a smooth, unique look and easy-holding technique. Use two fingers to support the thumb with your thumb and then pull you upwards to reveal your inner treasure.

DAM vacuum-insulated Cooler

DAM vacuum-insulated Cooler Specification 

SOFTCOOL Soft Coolers Sizes:2
SOFTCOOL Soft Coolers Colors:4
2-in-1 Backpack Cooler Colors:2
DAM25 Hard Coolers Colors:4
PACKAGE CONTENT:DAM vacuum-insulated Cooler, user mannual


DAM vacuum-insulated Cooler Price

If You Want to buy DAM vacuum-insulated Cooler You Can Get This Product ₹8602.88 INR Rupees.
And This DAM vacuum-insulated Cooler Price in Global Market $118 USD

DAM vacuum-insulated Cooler Price in USD $118 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
DAM vacuum-insulated Cooler Price in India ₹8602.88 RUPEES


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