CX9 smart MASK price in INDIA, USA, REVIEW

The CX9 has a large filter and top performance to bring back fresh air. It can even provide a perfect heat dissipation reduction effect and greatly compensates for the defects of existing masks with an ultra-light fan. The fan is made from new materials that absorb heat and encourage breathing C CX9 can be customized to suit your needs, to experience more advanced innovations and bring back your lost life.
Currently the use of masks worldwide has increased significantly, exceeding 100 million per day, and it takes hundreds of years for a mask to be fully biodegraded. Masks made with chemical compounds weaken the immune system and lead to the evolution of another virus. CX9 pollutes the environment and reduces filter costs through the world’s first automatic filter disinfection system.

CX9 smart MASK

CX9 smart MASK Review

You need a mask to keep the breath you breathe a CX9’s customizable smart mask can not only do this, but has more functionality. In fact, this mask can help you breathe more effectively with the built-in fan. More importantly, this customizable smart mask integrates LED lights, which can disinfect the skin and provide you with healing. Whether you are concerned about city pollutants or people around you and surface viruses, CX9 can help you. This multidimensional mask uses advanced technology and has a high-performance filter that can breathe fresh air and keep it cool. More importantly, this smart mask actually uses a new kind of fan material that can absorb heat and help you breathe better. Finally, its eco-friendly design will reduce your environmental footprint. You can even easily clean it by drowning!

CX9 smart MASK

CX9 smart MASK Features

The CX9 consists of a self-assembling body, which can be disassembled in just 3 steps. All you need to do is clean it with running water. The CX9 is the best customizable mask, which can be easily replaced by inserting components as needed.
It is uncomfortable to wear a mask in summer or during practice. However, with the help of CX9 you only need to install a mini fan to cool your face and get a more comfortable breathing experience. It is very safe and can’t even touch your face. Also, you can use the built-in LED light to enjoy skin care and facial mask disinfection function.
It is actually a unique smart mask that allows you to use it anytime, anywhere, in a variety of ways, to meet your needs appropriately.

Equipped with the highest specifications of CX9 filters and functions It provides the world’s safest mask through a special sterile silicone protective cover This material is used for the same purpose as the treatment equipment.
In addition, ergonomic strong 3D designs can be used comfortably even for long periods of time. The CX9 is constantly improving not only in function, but also in light and slim wearability and modern and stylish design.
Using a 4-layer filter, the CX9 can filter everything from ultrafine particles to pollen and bacteria, and disposable masks can easily miss these things. Despite the powerful filtering function, the exclusively developed cover valve allows air flow to breathe in and out for smooth breathing.
CX9 has successfully created the world’s first mask with built-in LED. CX9 uses light therapy technology that is not harmful to the human body to prevent viral infections around the mouth and provide anti-aging properties.
CX9 also uses photo-biostimulation technology to activate skin cells and proudly demonstrates its antibacterial and antiviral properties and its great effects on skin care. CX9 works with bacterial and viral contamination and mask odor. You can enjoy LED masks in three different options called Daily Mode, Inclusion Mode and Beauty Mode.

CX9 smart MASK

CX9 smart MASK Specification 

Fan Intensity Levels:3


CX9 smart MASK Price

If You Want to buy CX9 smart MASK You Can Get This Product 13377.13 INR Rupees.
And This CX9 smart MASK Price in Global Market $179 USD

CX9 smart MASK Price in USD $179 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
CX9 smart MASK Price in India ₹13377.13 RUPEES


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