Cuisinart Wine Center PRICE IN INDIA, USA, REVIEW

Style Name: Quisinart Wine Center The Quisinart Wine Center provides wine lovers with everything they need to enjoy wine a quick electric corkscrew that easily curts the bottle, while the electric preserver retains the freshness of all the remaining wine. The powerful corkscrew can open up to 50 synthetic and natural corks on a single charge and includes a button to loosen the cork from the screw.

The rest of the wine can be easily stored using electronic expanders – this can create an air cycle vacuum, allowing the wine to retain its flavor and freshness for several days. These ear pieces are rubberized, so they are sleepless and easy to hold. The charging dock is doubled as a storage center, so the charger and container can still be accessed. The aluminum foil cutter also ensures a clean opening and drip-free pour, and includes two rubber stoppers. Packed in a beautiful gift box – perfect for wine lovers everywhere!

Cuisinart Wine Center

Cuisinart Wine Center Review

If you have a wine party at home, try using the Waring Pro Wine Center as the next best wine accessory. The kit includes an electronic wine opener and a wine container stored in a beautiful charging base. The feature of this wine center is finished with brushed stainless steel decor and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery. There are two additional benefits: wine stopper and foil cutter. The electronic wine opener can easily remove 50 natural or synthetic corks and keep the bottles well sealed, thus maintaining freshness for a long time. However, what is different is the convenient charging base for storage. You’ve got great stuff for your reception.

Cuisinart Wine Center

Cuisinart Wine Center Features

With electronic wine corkscrew, electronic wine purifier, two stoppers and an aluminum foil cutter
The electric bottle opener can open up to 50 bottles at once by quickly charging
Electronic preservatives can form an airtight seal to maintain the freshness and flavor of unrefined wine
Double the charging stand as a storage center
Release the cork easily, just press a button to loosen the cork from the screw

Cuisinart Wine Center

Cuisinart Wine Center Specification 

WEIGHT:3 pounds
DIMENSIONS:3.13 x 12.75 x 13 inches


Cuisinart Wine Center Price

If You Want to buy Cuisinart Wine Center You Can Get This Product 4029.01 INR Rupees.
And This Cuisinart Wine Center Price in Global Market $54.73 USD

Cuisinart Wine Center Price in USD $54.73 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Cuisinart Wine Center Price in India ₹4029.01 RUPEES


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