Cosori VeSync Aeroblaze Indoor Grill review and prices

Cosori VeSync Aeroblaze Indoor Grill, Holiday Gifts: Looking for a holiday gift that anyone would love? Convenient cooking function, large capacity and smart function of indoor grill make it a perfect gift.
Feel the flavors inside out: having rain doesn’t mean canceling the barbecue. Experience the juicy taste of grilled food with 360 ° fast air circulation on the indoor grill. Cook enough food for 3-5 people on a large 100 square inch grill

Cosori VeSync Aeroblaze Indoor Grill

Cosori VeSync Aeroblaze Indoor Grill Review

Use the Cosori VeSync Aeroblaze indoor grill to perfect your family dining. With 8 cooking functions – such as crisping, roasting, roasting, baking, preheating, etc. – you can easily prepare a variety of dishes. Also, this VeSync grill has 4 grilling temperatures – low, medium, high and high – to complete your meal.

In fact, these different settings allow you to create different types of food. Also, it is equipped with smart control to monitor cooking and adjust breaks, temperature and time. You can even connect recipes, voice controls, etc. to discover recipes through the app. Also, this Cosori device has 6 quarts. Capacity and temperature 105 ° –510 ° F. Finally, it can work 1 minute to 12 hours and is ideal for cooking meals while you are at work.

Cosori VeSync Aeroblaze Indoor Grill

Cosori VeSync Aeroblaze Indoor Grill Features

Smart Control: Looking for a smart kitchen assistant? Enjoy hands-free control of indoor barbecue with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Using the free VeSync app, you can adjust the temperature and cooking time on your phone and receive notifications via your smartphone when food is ready.
8 Cooking Functions: Use our versatile indoor grill to save valuable countertop space. Choose from crisp, air grill, roast, braille, bake, dehydration, preheat and keep warm to handle any recipe

4 Grilling Temperature: Choose from a wide temperature range of 105 –510 F. Choose low, medium, high and maximum grill temperatures to enjoy different flavors
Smoke control: Tired of unhealthy smoke while cooking? Use pre-installed smoke filters and included splash guards to reduce unnecessary smoke and odor during cooking.
Recipe Library: Need inspiration for dinner recipes? Discover 100 new recipes through the VeSync Online Recipe Library and use your personal cooking history to create your favorite over and over again.

All tools: Use smoke filters (pre-installed), cooking utensils, grills, baskets, cleaning brushes, recipe books, quick reference guides and user manuals to make internal grilling easier.Shake Reminder: Convenient shaking function will remind you to shake or invert the food in the middle of the cooking process, so that your food will always be perfect and crisp.

Cosori VeSync Aeroblaze Indoor Grill

Cosori VeSync Aeroblaze Indoor Grill Specification 

Grilling Temperatures:4
WEIGHT:21.9 pounds
Cooking Functions:8
PRICE IN USD:$231.03
DIMENSIONS:16.2 x 13.7 x 10.4 inches
PACKAGE CONTENT:Cosori VeSync Aeroblaze Indoor Grill, user mannual


Cosori VeSync Aeroblaze Indoor Grill Price

If You Want to buy Cosori VeSync Aeroblaze Indoor Grill You Can Get This Product ₹17497.75 INR Rupees.
And This Cosori VeSync Aeroblaze Indoor Grill Price in Global Market $231.03 USD

Cosori VeSync Aeroblaze Indoor Grill Price in USD $231.03 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Cosori VeSync Aeroblaze Indoor Grill Price in India ₹17497.75 RUPEES


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