COLOP e-mark Mobile Printer Price in India, USA

The COLOP e-mark simply slides across the device, enabling color printing directly on any absorbent surface. The mobile printer is palm-sized, powered by an app, flexible and portable. With HP inkjet technology you can ensure the best performance and impression quality.
The CLOP electronic logo is recognized by various awards committees for its outstanding functions, design and innovative quality.

COLOP e-mark Mobile Printer

COLOP e-mark Mobile Printer Review

COLP electronic printer mobile printers, barcodes, seals, logos, texts and images can be easily printed on a variety of materials including paper, cloth, cardboard, etc. In fact, you can apply printing on all absorbent, horizontal surfaces as well as ribbon, wrist and label paper. This useful gadget is like a stamp, which can print images on materials up to 5.9 inches in width.

Also, you can use your own pictures and text in the e-Mark application to transfer any material. Therefore, you can add a barcode to the packaging, a name of the invitation and a logo on the fabric. Also, the e-Mark mobile printer allows you to print logos, images and text in multiple colors. And, if you need any help, the readily available impression template will provide useful guidance.

COLOP e-mark Mobile Printer

COLOP e-mark Mobile Printer Features

The e-mark company COLOP was founded in 1970/71 and is headquartered in Wales, Austria. As one of the world’s top manufacturers of stamp and marking tools, COLOP has established a wide distribution network in 130 markets worldwide and with an export rate of 98%.
The first mobile printer of its kind has spent many years developing the COLOP e-mark. Conducted in the spirit of innovation, the hardware of the smart device and the software are carefully tested until we are sure of its design, quality and functionality.

Built-in battery, easy to use without power supply. The e-mark can be used in the office, in the garden or wherever needed during the next trip. You can use it flexibly according to your lifestyle. With the help of free e-mark application you can change your mark easily and simply.
Use your own images and text to create a stamp in the editor in the e-Mark app. Choose stamps from a wide set of predefined templates for immediate printing. Multi-colored ink cartridges allow you to print logos, images and colorful text.

Branding can be applied directly to all absorbent, horizontal surfaces as well as customized e-mark label paper, ribbons and wrists.
An impression can be up to 150 mm (5.9 inches) long. The uninterrupted marking function allows you to print the same symbol over and over again with just one swipe.

COLOP e-mark Mobile Printer

COLOP e-mark Mobile Printer Specification 

Printable Materials:Absorbent
Prints:Text, Images
PRICE IN USD:$349.99
Imprint Width:5.9″


COLOP e-mark Mobile Printer Price

If You Want to buy COLOP e-mark Mobile Printer You Can Get This Product ₹25721.03 INR Rupees.
And This COLOP e-mark Mobile Printer Price in Global Market $349.99 USD

COLOP e-mark Mobile Printer Price in USD $349.99 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
COLOP e-mark Mobile Printer Price in India ₹25721.03 RUPEES


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