CleanWrist sanitizer bracelet PRICE IN INDIA, USA, REVIEW

The Cleanwrist silicone sterile bracelet can hold all the necessary disinfectants directly on the wrist. This means you no longer have to worry about the bottle being heavy and inconvenient. From here, you can leave everything at home, just put on a silicone bracelet and your disinfectant is available anytime, anywhere, anytime. It does not require any special equipment or filling bottling machine

CleanWrist sanitizer bracelet

CleanWrist sanitizer bracelet Review

You often want to use hand sanitizer but not always where you need it. Now, with Clean Wist sterile bracelets, that’s it. This handset bracelet comes with a disinfectant that has a way to kill bacteria to ensure your safety. Conveniently, this solves the problem of not getting a sterile bottle. You can stop digging your wallet or backpack to find it after using the ATM. Also, this wearable device with disinfectant is easy to use: just press it and the gel will pump into your hand.

Moreover, this hand sanitizer bracelet can be easily replenished. Just unplug the plug from the back and apply more sterile gel. Klinjist is available in black, blue and pink, it is perfect for any event

CleanWrist sanitizer bracelet

CleanWrist sanitizer bracelet Features

Donate now, and when stocks run out, ask for your Klingrist Silicone Bracelet!
Although the delay may be due to the uncertainty of the current delivery system, nothing can stop us from sending these bracelets. We did not anticipate the possibility of this situation, and we promised to keep all contributors up-to-date and transparent throughout the process.

In addition to contributing to the event you can show your support for our silicone antiseptic bracelet by informing all your friends and family about the products here. Go ahead and post a link to the event on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and any other social media platforms you use. As more people realize this game and what our silicone antiseptic bracelet means to them, the launch process will be smoother.

CleanWrist sanitizer bracelet

CleanWrist sanitizer bracelet Specification 

COLOR:Black, Blue, Pink
PACKAGE CONTENT:CleanWrist sanitizer bracelet, USER MANNUAL


CleanWrist sanitizer bracelet Price

If You Want to buy CleanWrist sanitizer bracelet You Can Get This Product 879.59 INR Rupees.
And This CleanWrist sanitizer bracelet Price in Global Market $12 USD

CleanWrist sanitizer bracelet Price in USD $12 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
CleanWrist sanitizer bracelet Price in India ₹879.59 RUPEES


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