Cleantech UVC Air Purifier USES AND BENEFITS

Provide customers with comfort and confidence to enter a shared environment. Even when you are in the classroom or meeting room, make sure your home is safe. The cleaning technology is designed to disinfect the air you are in. Unlike UV-C solutions found in hospitals or other UV-C devices that can damage the eyes and skin, nothing happened to the device. There are absolutely no light leaks, so it’s safe for your loved one.

Cleantech UVC Air Purifier

Cleantech UVC Air Purifier Review

Revolutionary design maximizes UV-C light exposure. The longer the air comes in contact with UV-C light, the stronger the cleaning power. Therefore, our engineers built a vertical chamber to reduce air flow and increase the dosing time. The result? Inside the home, the height of the industry-leading product is 75% of the UV-C light ratio.
Instead of destroying the filters that collect or trap the particles, dust air particles are much smaller than liquid droplets and can stay in the air for a long time.

Airflow allows them to travel longer distances. Invisible to the naked eye, harmful particles are suspended in the air. These airborne particles cannot be removed with hand sanitizers and masks.
For decades, HPA and UVC lighting technologies have been air purification technology and reliable from hospitals to airports. The latest breakthroughs in UVC manufacturing have made it possible for high quality UVC bulbs to enter the consumer market.

Clean-Tech’s 2-stage air purification system focuses on maximum UVC exposure time, rather than simply collecting pollutants and maximizing air volume, resulting in reconstitution of the roots.

Cleantech UVC Air Purifier

Cleantech UVC Air Purifier Features

Complete indoor air purification begins with HEPA 10 air filters to remove large particles and allergens to optimize the UGC effect. Larger particles will prevent UVC light from inactivating microorganisms. The first step is necessary for large-scale conduction and air purification.

The air flows into the reflector mirror coated hidden room at the best 360 degree equidistant distance from the bulb, widening the UVC dose with extremely high intensity. The mirror coating not only reduces the attachment of the particles on the side of the chamber, but also bounces and focuses in the chamber with a wavelength of 254μm UVC. All air flowing through the device has been sterilized.

Cleantech UVC Air Purifier

Cleantech UVC Air Purifier Specification 



Cleantech UVC Air Purifier Price

If You Want to buy Cleantech UVC Air Purifier You Can Get This Product ₹15996.53 INR Rupees.
And This Cleantech UVC Air Purifier Price in Global Market $219 USD

Cleantech UVC Air Purifier Price in USD $219 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Cleantech UVC Air Purifier Price in India ₹15996.53 RUPEES


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