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ChopBox combines all five into one amazing cutting board instead of requiring up to five disposable gadgets and tools in your kitchen. Look no further for smaller disposable tools such as food scales and kitchen timers. It also increases the space for storage and organization in the kitchen.

The innovative ChopBox easily disinfects knives and cut surfaces, and a disinfection UVC light is built into the cutting board, bringing aseptic cooking to the kitchen.

The following is a study at the University of Columbia Irving Medical Center on the effects of UV light on bacteria and bacteria.
Article titled “Can Ultraviolet Light Fight the Spread of the Flu?”

Notable citations in this article: “Scientists have for decades found that germicidal UV broad-spectrum light with wavelengths of 200-400 nanometers (nm) destroys bacteria and viruses by breaking the molecular bonds that hold DNA. I know it is very effective in killing this. This traditional UV light is routinely used to decontaminate surgical instruments.”

ChopBox price in usd

ChopBox Review

Kills 99.99% bacteria and bacteria with every use.

Hazardous bacteria and germs are lurking on conventional knife blocks and cutting boards and cutting boards containing shavings. But who, after grabbing the knife, would disinfect their knife? Now you can place a knife between two cuts and activate a small, powerful 254nm UVC light to disinfect up to 3 knives and both cuts at once! UVC exposure in just one minute is guaranteed to kill 99.99% of bacteria and bacteria.

The 254nm UVC lights used in the ChopBox are small and have limited angles due to the small gap inside the board when used. It is 100% safe for all humans to be around this light. If you separate the two boards, the UVC light will automatically turn off. Alternatively, you can turn it off by pressing the second button on the control panel. No harm from this UVC light

Double the space to avoid cross-contamination

Two cutting surfaces allow you to switch raw meat and seafood to other foods without having to worry about cross-contamination. You can also use a small cutting board for food waste, a storage place for freshly cut food, and a place to transfer chopped food to the stove.

The main cut surface is replaceable. Buy parts via Kickstarter or receive a survey to add replacement parts after the campaign ends. Or form the yeseco store/Amazon after the campaign.

Built-in digital scale weight up to 6.6 lbs

The built-in scale is part of the left cutting board. Ingredients can be measured in grams, ounces, pounds, and kilograms, with scales up to 6.6 pounds. Always get the exact part!

The button in the center of the control panel is used to toggle between grams, ounces, pounds and kilograms with a single long press.

The scale has a tare function. To zero the scale of a bowl or other container, place the bowl on the scale, press the third (center) button on the control panel to zero the scale, and just weigh Goof, not the container. ..

9-hour kitchen timer

With the 9-hour digital kitchen timer built into the ChopBox, you’ll get the perfect meal every time. Unlike traditional kitchen timers that only take 59 minutes, the ChopBox timer has a long read time and can be set up to 9 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds, so large meals or slow cooker meals can also be set to this timer.

ChopBox price in usd

ChopBox Features

Dual inset knife sharpener

It’s hard to remember where you put the small knife sharpener and that you’re using a honing steel type sharpener correctly, so putting two knife sharpeners on the right side of the cutting board makes it easier than ever. became. Easy to access and easy to use. ChopBox price in usd

The ChopBox incorporates two different knife sharpeners. One is made of diamond stone and the other is made of ceramic stone, so you can choose your level of sharpness.

Groove to catch spill

There is a groove around the cutting surface of the large cutting surface to prevent the juice from falling off the counter, clothes or the floor. Another small feature that makes this the best cutting board I have ever used.

Use second board as presentation plate

In addition to cooking preparation, this smart cutting board is the perfect cooking presentation platter for parties and guests! With two clean and even surfaces, use as two independent food serving surfaces or as a perfect cheese or charcuterie board with the second surface coming out from the bottom to hold the cheese knife and catch the drip I can do it.

Fully waterproof for easy cleanup

IPX is a waterproof rating system that refers to the ability of an object to resist water. For example, IPX0 means books, etc. are not waterproof. IPX2 means that the object is protected from “water drops when the device is tilted below 15 degrees”. The rating has reached IPX8. This means that your object will be protected from being dropped in water over 3 feet and it will be completely waterproof.

ChopBox is rated IPX7. In other words, it is completely waterproof and can withstand up to 3 feet of water. ChopBox price in usd

We do not recommend placing the ChopBox in the dishwasher. This is because the high temperature of the dishwasher warps and destroys all natural cutting boards over time.

Tested durability and high strength
ChopBox is incredibly powerful! The maximum weight is 150 pounds.

Bamboo is completely natural and organic and is considered “low maintenance wood”. In other words, it’s so hard and dense that it doesn’t allow water to enter the wood itself, and does not warp or crack like other wood.

Other wood, such as maple, walnuts, cherries, should be regularly maintained with mineral oil or beeswax to prevent cracking and warping. Due to its high density, bamboo is resistant to knife scars and is known for its durability and affordability.

ChopBox price in usd

ChopBox Specification 


ChopBox Price

If You Want to buy ChopBox You Can Get This Product ₹7,519 INR Rupees.
And This ChopBox Price in Global Market $99 USD

ChopBox Price in USD $99 USD
ChopBox Price in Indian Money ₹7,519 RUPEES


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