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Today, Agility Robotics, a spin-off at Oregon State University, has officially announced a new shiny bipedal robot named Cassie. Cassie is a dynamic walker. In other words, they walk more like humans than most of the biped robots we’re used to. It excels at handling diverse and complex terrains that we constantly walk around without thinking. This is a must-have talent for robots working on different environments and situations they need to learn. Being really useful around people.

In addition to search and rescue and disaster relief, Agility Robotics has one specific environment and situation in mind. They want Cassie to be in the process of delivering the package to the front door.

Cassie Robot

Cassie Robot Review

Kathy is only 3 months old in this video. This is surprising, given the typical pace of a biped robot designed from scratch to walk from the beginning without ever falling. As you can see in the video, they aren’t shy asking Kathy to do anything. rain. This is an important feature for robots that spend a lot of time in Oregon.

And if Cassie looked more like an ostrich than a human, it wasn’t because Agility Robotics was trying a ostrich-like robot specifically. For inspiration and insight. So, while a bird running on the ground might have had the idea first, Agility Robotics intelligently designed Cassie to be agile, efficient, and robust. This is the leg they came up with.

Cassie Robot

Cassie Robot Features

There were many unknowns in the design of ATRIAS. ATRIAS was the first machine to demonstrate human-like gait dynamics and implement spring-mass gait [reproduce the ground reaction force and center-of-gravity motion of human gait], but for non-science demonstration applications It was not a mechanical machine.

I learned some important things at ATRIAS. First, the ATRIAS legs are configured as a 4-bar linkage, some of which create the minimum inertia of the spring-mass model embodiment. However, in this configuration, one motor acts as a brake for the other, providing a lot of internal power cycling between the motors rather than doing work in the world. After some analysis, we developed a specific leg configuration for Cassie. This allows the motor to be smaller and the robot to be much more efficient than ATRIAS.

Cassie Robot

Cassie Robot Specification 

According to the company, Cassie’s first production is already sold out, but if you want to give it a try, it will be more available in late summer. As long as you use Cassie to deliver your package, it’s a compelling idea and you can see its benefits. In a world where much of our space is designed around bipedal mobility, bipedal robots could be the easiest and most reliable platform to do anything Practical. There are some things Cassie has to do before he can get his groceries upstairs, but he looks forward to this robot stepping further towards a robust, dynamic leg walk.


Cassie Robot Price

If You Want to buy Cassie Robot You Can Get This Product ₹3,50,760 INR Rupees.
And This Cassie Robot Price in Global Market $4,600 USD

Cassie Robot Price in USD $4,600 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Cassie Robot Price in India ₹3,50,760 RUPEES


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