Capsule Personal smart Dishwasher price in Inida, USA

Now is the time to let the dishwasher easily integrate into your own lifestyle. Supported by the Scottish spirit and love of permanence, the goal of the capsule is your work surface and the smallest footprint on the planet. It can be used with or without pipes, so you can use it wherever you want.
Capsules are designed to meet the needs of modern home or office space. As powerful as small, with three powerful functions as the original, the capsule allows you to reclaim your time and use it for important tasks.

Capsule Personal smart Dishwasher

Capsule Personal smart Dishwasher Review

There is a dishwasher for washing dishes for 15, 12, 6 and 4 dishes. However, in most countries, more than half of the families have only 1-2 people.
The capsule only occupies 25 centimeters / 9.8 inches on your countertop but it is large enough to wash all the food for 2 people. It is large enough to wash large frying pans and cut boards. The capsules are designed to complement the modern lifestyle.

Therefore, you can wash the dishes and spend less and more time. Small and light, the capsule weighs just 10 kg / 22 pounds, making it suitable for any lifestyle.
It’s not just the tableware that needs to be cleaned.

Like your vegetables, but hate broccoli and stick to your filter? How many hours were wasted in the frustration of trying to clean the sieve and colander? With the help of capsules, you can easily and thoroughly wash fruits and vegetables without getting dirty.

Just select UV and press play button. For hard surfaces like phones and bottles, 10 minutes is recommended, and 30 minutes is recommended for paper and textiles.

Capsule UV-C lamp uses LED with wavelength 265-275nm.You can use the capsule directly. It is equipped with a 3L independent water tank for washing machine washing. After the cleaning cycle, the water can be discharged into the pond through the supplied 1-meter hose. If you want, you can plug it in.

Capsule Personal smart Dishwasher

Capsule Personal smart Dishwasher Features

The capsule has two strong dual nozzles for distributing water across the bathtub. The water jet hits the tableware, jumps on the roof and hits the tableware again as it descends. The size of the capsule provides a narrow space to increase the air flow through each item and to increase the air velocity on each surface to speed up the drying process.

The capsules are shipped worldwide and provide the appropriate voltage and power cord plugs for your region.
You only need four programs to take full advantage of the capsule. Washing is a common washing process. Eco’s goal is to save the most amount of energy.The rated capacity of the capsule is 950W and it can be heated to 75ºC / 167ºF for disinfection and drying.

Capsule Personal smart Dishwasher

Capsule Personal smart Dishwasher Specification 

PRICE IN USD:$399.39
PACKAGE CONTENT:Capsule Personal smart Dishwasher, USER MANNUAL


Capsule Personal smart Dishwasher Price

If You Want to buy Capsule Personal smart Dishwasher You Can Get This Product ₹29,595 INR Rupees.
And This Capsule Personal smart Dishwasher Price in Global Market $399.39 USD

Capsule Personal smart Dishwasher Price in USD $399.39 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Capsule Personal smart Dishwasher Price in India ₹29,595 RUPEES


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