Breathings BULO breathing Assistant Review

Breathings BULO breathing Assistant is perfect for athletes, swimmers, marathon runners or anyone with an active lifestyle. Commit to 5-15 minutes of challenging exercise daily for better performance.
[Data-based personal breathing exercises] will always be available to ensure you can perform better.

Breathings BULO breathing Assistant Review

Breathings Track your lung health with the BULO breathing training assistant. Designed to help you continuously measure and monitor your lung health, this lightweight fitness device can show you how your lungs are doing. Using BULO AI, this gadget analyzes measurements of your lung function. It then delivers a personalized breathing workout by adjusting the intensity and speed of the workout. Easy to use, very suitable for respiratory patients with lung diseases.

Just breathe naturally into BULO and it will share the correct inhalation and exhalation measurements. Based on the collected data, it can help you improve your lung capacity and fitness anytime, anywhere. Also, it is suitable for athletes, musicians, dancers, people living in polluted environment and many more. It can even help people with anxiety control their breathing. If you’re going to invest in something, make it your health

See your breathing activity now It connects to the Bullo app and gives you data you can use to train harder and build better habits! Reliable breathing data based on your gender, height, weight and age.
Unlimited Record Tracking Stores respiratory data and displays weekly, monthly and yearly records. Use this data and adjust your own regiment. After training, progress is evident at a glance, which can stimulate motivation and regulate training intensity.
Before using Bulo, watch the video on how to try the breathing capacity

Breathings BULO breathing Assistant Features


Mouthpiece with magnetic attachment.
You can use BULO devices with your family as long as each family member has a mouthpiece.

Bluetooth connection

  1. Time to fully charge : 4 hours
  2. Battery Size : 300 mAh
  3. Charging Type : USB-C
  4. Instant Bluetooth connection


Equipped with an ultra-small, ultra-precise sensor that measures 1/1,000L microbreath, it measures your breath very precisely.


  1. Easy to use anytime, anywhere with light and slim size.

Breathings BULO breathing Assistant Specification 

WEIGHT:2.32 Ounces
Charging Type:USB-C
PRICE IN USD:$213.89
DIMENSIONS:8.5 x 3.35 x 2.05 inches
PACKAGE CONTENT:Breathings BULO breathing Assistant, user mannual


Breathings BULO breathing Assistant Price

If You Want to buy Breathings BULO breathing Assistant You Can Get This Product ₹17676.49 INR Rupees.
And This Breathings BULO breathing Assistant Price in Global Market $213.89 USD

Breathings BULO breathing Assistant Price in USD $213.89 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Breathings BULO breathing Assistant Price in India ₹17676.49 RUPEES


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