Bluetti AC200 SMART Solar Power Station PRICE IN INDIA, USA

Although technically we do not need electricity to survive, it is hard to imagine that we can live without electricity. It seems that no power is worse than power. Electricity can save your life in an emergency. Whether you’re camping, traveling with your family, going to a backyard party on the weekends, or unexpectedly finding yourself out of power, you need to make sure you have a source of backup power to ensure your safety. Enter the Bluetooth AC200 and AC50S portable power stations, this is an off-grid solution to meet your power needs.

Bluetti AC200 SMART Solar Power Station

Bluetti AC200 SMART Solar Power Station Review

Bluetooth is always committed to creating stable, clean and quiet power storage solutions to deal with power outages, fuel wastage and environmental pollution.
The Bluetooth AC200 and AC50S are designed to solve these problems directly by replacing traditional gas generators without the need to maintain noisy and expensive carbon monoxide polluting machines.
Can you imagine a power station to meet all your charging needs? Yes, the Blue AC 200 is powerful. There are multiple output options including six AC power outlets, two 15W wireless chargers, a PD60W USB-C, four USB-A ports, and two 12V / 3A.

With ports, including a DC 12V / 10A cigarette lighter and a 12V / 25A RV port, this all-in-one power station is perfect for home, party, camping, trailing and emergency backup power.The Bluetooth AC200 uses the highest quality EV-Grade 3C LG batteries to ensure the longest service life, heat dissipation and durability. It is much safer than other unknown batteries on the market.

Bluetti AC200 SMART Solar Power Station

Bluetti AC200 Solar Power Station Features

The AC output of the 2000W authentic sine wave inverter provides an impressive and powerful power system. The AC200 can run long-term traditional equipment such as laptops, lighting equipment, CPAP, drones, TVs and protective power for a long time. The AC200 can easily operate large loads of equipment such as coffee machines, kettles, refrigerators, hair dryers, power tools and even Telsa.

With the help of AC200 you will never have to fall into darkness due to emergency or natural disasters like hurricanes and fires. With amazing 1700Wh power storage, the AC200 makes you confident in any emergency. In the event of an unexpected power failure, deliver new food through the operating fridge to ensure the use of the AC200 to ensure family safety.

The SP120 has a 23% high-efficiency single crystal solar cell with SUNPOWER, which can convert sunlight into clean energy and make full use of sunlight.
The foldable design with rubber handle weighs just 6.7 pounds, making it almost easy to carry. It also has 4 compatible feet that are easy to install. And you can adjust the angle at any time to get better sunlight!

Bluetti AC200 SMART Solar Power Station

Bluetti AC200 Solar Power Station Specification 



Bluetti AC200 SMART Solar Power Station Price

If You Want to buy Bluetti AC200 Solar Power Station You Can Get This Product 123,658 INR Rupees.
And This Bluetti AC200 Solar Power Station Price in Global Market $1,659 USD

Bluetti AC200 Solar Power Station Price in USD $1,659 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Bluetti AC200 Solar Power Station Price in India ₹123,658 RUPEES


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