Blink Outdoor security camera price in India, USA, Review

This can use two AA lithium batteries for outdoor power supply with the help of Blink-owned chip technology.
The battery life of the Blink Outdoor is two years, and its structure can withstand a variety of factors, so you can protect yourself.

Indoors-night, inside-out.Wherever you are, you can use the high-definition real-time view and infrared night vision function to see what’s happening at home through the Blink app. Two audio channels let you listen and talk while you’re away. Create custom motion detection and privacy zones so you can only see actions you take care of
No need to look for outlets and no need for professional installation. Additionally, its wireless design means you can place, stand or install it anywhere.

Blink Outdoor security camera

Blink Outdoor security camera Review

Use the Alexa with Blink Outdoor Security Camera to extend a helping hand without extending your fingers. The security gadget responds to requests such as “Show me the front door camera” and turns on the smart light when it detects movement. This can send you a reminder even if the battery is low. For convenience, the Blink Outdoor Safety Cam can run on two AA lithium batteries for up to two years.

Most importantly, it can help you feel safe at home. It can send notifications to your phone with speed detection. You can customize the practice area in the app to receive reminders when you need them. You can talk to guests. Two-way audio lets you listen and talk to the audience. So, this gadget not only helps to ensure your safety, but also makes family life easier.

Blink Outdoor security camera

Blink Outdoor security camera Features

Blink Outdoors is a wireless battery-powered high-definition security camera that can help you monitor your day or night through infrared night vision.
With long battery life, two AA lithium batteries (included) can be used outdoors for up to two years.
“Outdoor” buildings can withstand the testing of a variety of materials and can help you protect the interior and exterior of your home, regardless of home or rain.

With the option to customize the speed zone in the Blink Home Monitor app, you can get speed detection alerts on your phone, so you’ll be reminded only when you need to.
The Blink app lets you see, hear and talk with visitors with real-time viewing and two-way audio functions.
After careful design, you can finish the setup in minutes. No wiring, no professional installation.

Blink Outdoor security camera

Blink Outdoor security camera Specification 

WEIGHT:48 grams
SIZE:71 x 71 x 31 mm
PACKAGE CONTENT:Blink Outdoor security camera, user mannual


Blink Outdoor security camera Price

If You Want to buy Blink Outdoor security camera You Can Get This Product 7360.28 INR Rupees.
And This Blink Outdoor security camera Price in Global Market $99.99 USD

Blink Outdoor security camera Price in USD $99.99 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Blink Outdoor security camera Price in India ₹7360.28 RUPEES


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