Bittle Palm-sized Robot PRICE IN INDIA, USA, REVIEW

The Petoi Beetle is a tiny but powerful robot that can play tricks like a real animal. You can keep the Beetle alive by assembling its puzzle-like frames and downloading the demo code on GitHub. You can also learn new skills to win rewards in community challenges. The Beetle is a perfect tool for learning, teaching, researching or making an impressive gift. The Beetle is not a baby toy. I recommend parental guidance to appreciate its rich content and avoid damage or injury.

Bittle Palm-sized Robot

Bittle Palm-sized Robot Review

With the development of the open source gene, the Beetle is an open platform that can integrate products from multiple manufacturers into one organic system. You can clip different sensors to bring perception through our customized Arduino board to coordinate all natural and complex movements. You can also install Raspberry Pi or other AI chips via wired / wireless connection to inject artificial intelligence function.

The Beetle is a palm-sized robot that uses four feet instead of wheels. Leg movement gives more freedom to navigate in unstructured areas and expresses the joy of life while practicing. This dynamic dynamics can only be seen in the best laboratories like Boston Dynamics Spot or Sony Ibo or the luxury robots of tycoon companies. We have proposed grassroots solutions to simplify the system and make it affordable and mass produced.

Bittle Palm-sized Robot

Bittle Robot Features

The Beetle is a compact system consisting of five main components: body frames, actuators, electronics, batteries, and software that integrate all the hardware to perform a variety of tasks. The Beetle is powered by the NyBoard V1, a customized Arduino board with conventional peripherals. Let’s make full use of the conventional Arduino Uno chip to coordinate complex activities.

The board can drive at least 12 PWM servos and IMU (Internal Measurement Unit) is used for balancing. It stores “muscle memory” and detects body position (direction and acceleration) to achieve balance. Provides an infrared remote control to trigger basic actions. The evaluation board also listens for string commands from the serial port such as “walk”, “sit” or more detailed instructions for each joint.

Bittle Palm-sized Robot

Bittle Palm-sized Robot Specification 



Bittle Palm-sized Robot Price

If You Want to buy Bittle Palm-sized Robot You Can Get This Product ₹500 INR Rupees.
And This Bittle Palm-sized Robot Price in Global Market $6.85 USD

Bittle Palm-sized Robot Price in USD $6.85 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Bittle Palm-sized Robot Price in India ₹500 RUPEES

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