BitBuckle Belt Buckle Multitool Review and Prices

It is a multi-functional tool and belt buckle that can save you anytime any day. The intuitive two-part design of the bitbuckle allows you to easily explore from the belt, finish the work and return to the base. Bitbuckle is as easy to place as an extension of the body. Upon completion, it will remain safe without any interference.

The blade can be accessed with a tap, or the drill magazine can be placed using a mechanism that allows you to access the drill in a single parallel single action.
Beatbuckle has a compact and professional design. Each part of it was designed for quick and intuitive deployment, and keeping it in a belt instead of a pocket makes it possible to place the bitback in in two seconds

BitBuckle Belt Buckle Multitool

BitBuckle Belt Buckle Multitool Review

With the help of BitBuckle Belt Buckle Multifunctional Tools you can completely miss when placing important items. This wearable polymorphic tool includes a tool blade, a tool magazine and a hexagonal wrench. Therefore, you will always carry useful items with you to help you solve everyday problems in life.

In addition, this useful bark belt N-52 magnet fixes it to the belt. It provides embedded design that can be deployed in less than two seconds. Moreover, you can use each tool with only one hand, which means you can easily pull the necessary tool in a pinch. This multi-function tool from Denmark comes with a lifetime warranty and is made with 7075-T6 anodized aluminum. This belt buckle multi-function tool sits discreetly on the belt and fuses it until you need to stand in front of it.

BitBuckle Belt Buckle Multitool

BitBuckle Belt Buckle Multitool Features

The main focus of BitBuckle design is speed and ease of access. When needed, the right tool takes a few seconds to deploy.
The sharp blade is a simple (but dedicated) flip of the thumb. When stoved and not in use, the blade is fixed by a magnet to ensure complete protection. Keep safety in mind when designing If you are absolutely concerned about having a utility knife close to your “package”, please don’t worry. When driven, the blade is fixed tightly with a magnet. It’s easy to show when you need it and it’s never been.

Replacements, screwdrivers and various drill bits are often used in a number of everyday situations (batteries, camera gears, door hinges, electronic equipment, etc.), but in reality they may not be ready for this situation while maintaining a low pocket profile.

BitBuckle Belt Buckle Multitool

BitBuckle Belt Buckle Multitool Specification 

MATERIAL:Milled 7075-T6 Anodized Aluminum
Secures:N-52 Magnets
PACKAGE CONTENT:BitBuckle Belt Buckle Multitool, user mannual


BitBuckle Belt Buckle Multitool Price

If You Want to buy BitBuckle Belt Buckle Multitool You Can Get This Product ₹3535.36 INR Rupees.
And This BitBuckle Belt Buckle Multitool Price in Global Market $48.47 USD

BitBuckle Belt Buckle Multitool Price in USD $48.47 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
BitBuckle Belt Buckle Multitool Price in India ₹3535.36 RUPEES


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