BIKI Wireless Underwater Fish Drone price in India, USA, review

BIKI is the world’s first bionic underwater drone and the only submarine robot to automatically balance, avoid obstacles and return to base function. Supporting 4K cameras, BIKI can give you the best underwater view. BIKI, the smallest but the strongest. With the help of this intelligent robot fish you can imagine the world of water from a new perspective. The BIKI is not only an all-around underwater drone, it is also a sensitive robot pet. Now, just tell BIKI what you want to do!
BIKI Wireless Underwater Fish Drone

BIKI Wireless Underwater Fish Drone Review

BIKI is the world’s first bionic submarine. You can swim with the camera for 90-120 minutes at a maximum depth of 196 feet. The underwater world is full of infinite mysteries. Swimming at a speed of 1.12mph, the bike can neutrally enjoy the underwater world with you. Curiosity How deep can BIKI be submerged in water? Give it a try. BIKI can go with you to a depth of 196 feet. You will find a new underwater world that has exceeded your expectations.
Even in high-speed traffic or in the dark, BIKI still uses high-definition sports cameras and anti-shake camera platforms based on Wikipedia panning, and PTZ tilts to get smooth videos and clear images. Take pictures on iPhone.

Do you still want to capture underwater moments? Now it is BIKI. Use BIKI’s powerful 4K camera to capture the best moments of your life.
You can see that the little BIKI is shaking. Are you worried about the stability of the camera? Don’t worry. BIKI is based on original pan and tilt heads using an unprecedented high-definition sports camera kit and an anti-shake camera platform, which can improve BIKI’s durability. You will never lose any detail when swimming with BIKI as it can capture a 150 ° wide moment with underwater corner mirrors.

BIKI Wireless Underwater Fish Drone

BIKI Wireless Underwater Fish Drone Features

BIKI can save 1080 gigabytes of video in 2.2 hours of 26GB video or save 5243 8 megapixel photos or 4000 photos. BIKI is not just a technological robot. Tail fin drive technology can adjust and control the direction of movement. The tail fin drive technology is based on the reverse vortex rotation street theory of fluid dynamics, which is a repetitive pattern of vortices due to unstable flow isolation.Bluff is fluid around the body.

BIKI is not only a submarine drone, it is also an emotional member of the family. It will witness your life, your happiness and maturity. Now, what will happen if you play Underwater Quidditch with BIKI? Just say what you want to do.
BIKI is the most clever narcissus. No matter how complex the underground environment is, BIKI can automatically avoid obstacles through infrared rays and can quickly and back-to-back shakes on coral reefs. Your best partner, BIKI will let you go anywhere underwater with you.

BIKI Wireless Underwater Fish Drone

BIKI Wireless Underwater Fish Drone Specification 

BATTERY LIFE:90-120 min
PACKAGE CONTENT:BIKI underwater drone,Waterproof bag, USER MANNUAL


BIKI Wireless Underwater Fish Drone Price

If You Want to b44943.24uy BIKI Wireless Underwater Fish Drone You Can Get This Product ₹ INR Rupees.
And This BIKI Wireless Underwater Fish Drone Price in Global Market $599 USD

BIKI Wireless Underwater Fish Drone Price in USD $599 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
BIKI Wireless Underwater Fish Drone Price in India ₹44943.24 RUPEES


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