BackOSage decompression massage belt PRICE IN INDIA, USA, REVIEW

The belt expands and retracts due to air expansion. This gentle traction helps to shorten the disc and align the spine to its natural position. Decompression helps reduce disc degeneration, herniation, budding discs and stress on nerves. It helps the degenerative intervertebral discs get the water, oxygen and nutrients they need to heal faster. When inflated, extend backwards and withdraw. This gentle traction helps to compress the disc. Use it anytime, anywhere.

The backsage lumbar decompression belt extends from 5 inches wide to 8 inches wide, keeping your spine upright and providing support for your lumbar spine. By restoring the spine to its natural position and reducing some weight, the backusage belt provides space for virtual expansion and disc reduction. It can relieve back pain due to herniated / bulged discs, as it can be very painful to infect the spinal discs / spinal nerves.

BackOSage decompression massage belt

BackOSage decompression massage belt Review

With backusage decompression massage tape, you can relieve instant spinal pain. In fact, this portable back therapy can provide an eight-in-one solution. So if you sit still all day, putting pressure on your back and spine, this is your solution. This relief band uses heat therapy to help with muscle pain and stiffness.

With built-in dual-frequency knee massage, inflammatory cold therapy and 360-degree graphene thermal conductivity, the pain can be relieved instantly. In addition, it can help improve your posture with proprietary air decompression tech (5 to 8 inches wide). That’s not all, because the massage belt contains energy magnets and therapeutic infrared light therapy to reduce this stress, which can restore physical strength. Finally, completely cordless, this is a very convenient way to support your spine wherever you are.

BackOSage decompression massage belt

BackOSage decompression massage belt Features

Provide clinical-level traction and decompression therapy. Squeeze the spine to bring the CDT back to normal. Squeeze the joints and intervertebral discs in the lower back to lift the upper body weight in the upper back. Fix the bottom back and improve the posture
There is a cold treatment for back inflammation. It can be used for several days if you need a cold bag. Inflammation It can be used when you need to reduce inflammation and relieve pain naturally.
Many of us work every day sitting in office chairs. You may encounter some back problems that need to be solved.

With the help of Bacosage you can manage comfortably in the office or at home.
Unlike other massagers that are heavy, inexperienced and require attention, Bacosage can work hands-free without attracting attention.
Not as portable as many masseurs say, because they need to be plugged into a power source that is separate from the backscatter, can be charged anytime and anywhere. Therefore, do not just use it at home or office, please tighten your belt and remove it freely.

BackOSage decompression massage belt

BackOSage decompression massage belt Specification 

Inflated Width:5″–8″
Therapy:Heat, Massage, Cold, Theralight
PACKAGE CONTENT:BackOSage decompression massage belt, USER MANNUAL


BackOSage decompression massage belt Price

If You Want to buy BackOSage decompression massage belt You Can Get This Product 7398.52 INR Rupees.
And This BackOSage decompression massage belt Price in Global Market $99 USD

BackOSage decompression massage belt Price in USD $99 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
BackOSage decompression massage belt Price in India ₹7398.52 RUPEES


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