Autonomous robot security guard PRICE IN INDIA, USA, REVIEW

A start-up company in Singapore has unveiled a four-wheeled security robot with its own built-in drone.
The O-R3 autonomous robot, made by Ots Digital, has a drone that can be launched later by an intruder. Otsor’s unmarried robot design extends the circumference of a typical ground autonomous robot by 100 meters (328 feet), allowing the O-R3 to perform tasks that a typical protection robot cannot achieve.

Autonomous robot security guard

Autonomous robot security guard Review

If there are any obstacles on your ground, we can launch a drone where the intruder of the house is hiding, perhaps on the other side of the wall, fence or gate or something like that. , CEO of Otto Digital and its parent company Activ Technology.
In addition to the built-in drone, the O-R3 can also finish work to detect intruders and detect suspicious items such as unmanned luggage. This will enable you to send alerts to the Forward Command Center, which will enable protection. If that’s not enough, the O-R3 can charge itself when the battery runs out.

Autonomous robot security guard

Autonomous robot security guard Features

All of these functions are driven by O-R3 data. Otsu said it uses machine learning in the system, so its robots can distinguish between ordinary visitors, employees and intruders. Ling says: “The more information we provide the robot, the more it will learn.”
He added: “First, we’ll study the basics … If a bag is left unchanged for five minutes, an alarm will go off. We can classify who is a worker and who is an intruder.

” However, the machine will become sharper as you learn.
The company will launch the outdoor version of the O-R3 during Comic Asia 2017 from Tuesday to Thursday. Otso said the outdoor version is 5 kilometers (3 miles) the size of a golf cart and the indoor version (a small robot without 3D LIDAR sensors and drones) is under development.

Autonomous robot security guard

Autonomous robot security guard Specification 

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