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Aura Mate Pro Updated Scanner REVIEW

The scanner is just a scanner and a document camera for all you want. It can be used with different laptops or computers, now it also supports smart phones and tablets! Thanks to its dual camera system, it is very suitable for working at home, business meetings and online education!

Aura Mate Pro Updated Scanner Review

Problems using conventional scanners are troublesome These machines are heavy and expensive, so they are not suitable for everyone. Therefore, CZUR Ara Met Pro has been brought for you. The speed of the CJUR Aura Mate Pro is incredible with its steady focus and automatic page rotation detection function and super convenient foot pedals for hands-free operation.

Now, you can enjoy faster scanning speeds of less than one second per page, so you can easily scan a book of 300 pages in about 8 minutes.
CJU’s Aura Mate Pro is the first scanner with dual camera system, making it an ideal tool for business meetings, online tutoring and working from home! It can not only provide you with a clean scan, but also a 1080p high resolution video call! You can even connect Siju Aura Met Pro and interact with Zoom! Use this kind of software together! CJU’s Aura Mate Pro can be used with all types of computers, whether it’s Mac or Windows.

Aura Mate Pro Updated Scanner Features

With the help of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) function, Ora Mate Pro enables you to move scanned pages to editable files, taking scanning possibilities to a whole new level. Supporting more than 180 languages, this powerful scanner can do all the work! Restore the entire book collection to the tablet’s digital library!
The Siju Aura Met Pro has a consistent landing technology to make scanning easier.

With our patented Curve-Flatten technology, it can automatically delete page folds and save time to flatten the page manually. In addition to other activities including smart paging, automatic alignment, precision positioning, multi-target scanning, fingerprint removal, background refinement, etc., Ora Mate Pro makes air scanning!

Aura Mate Pro Updated Scanner Specification 



Aura Mate Pro Updated Scanner Price

If You Want to buy Aura Mate Pro Updated Scanner You Can Get This Product ₹15996.53 INR Rupees.
And This Aura Mate Pro Updated Scanner Price in Global Market $219 USD

Aura Mate Pro Updated Scanner Price in USD $219 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Aura Mate Pro Updated Scanner Price in India ₹15996.53 RUPEES


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