Arrow B1 Carbon Fiber EBike Price in India, USA, Review

Arrow B1 Carbon Fiber EBike, Cycling on the road is completely legal. Most of the bikes currently on the market have more capacity than those approved in the United States, and the company knew they were illegal at the time of sale. Arrow B1 complies with the law and UL regulations for electric bicycles. It is important to comply with local laws safely and legally.

The Arrow B1 contains industry-standard components that have been carefully selected to make the bike as durable as possible without breaking the bank. The bike has 9 speed or assist level, so that the rider is very comfortable to ride, it can meet the needs of anyone and the level of the rider. Use all the waterproof material to take Arrow B1 wherever you want.

Arrow B1 Carbon Fiber EBike

Arrow B1 Carbon Fiber EBike Review

The Arrow B1 Carbon Fiber Electric Bike is made of high-quality materials and is great value for money. No, it’s not a cheap electric bike, its carbon fiber frame and impressive technology are invaluable. It has a powerful 750 watt motor that can take you wherever you want.

Also, its hydraulic brake ensures your safety on the road. Equipped with waterproof material, it is a bicycle that can be ridden in any weather. In addition, its maximum speed is 20 mph – or you can choose an off-road model that exceeds 45 mph! It weighs only 35 pounds and can travel 50-75 miles. Moreover, when the battery runs out, it can be fully charged in just 2 hours! Finally, check the details of your ride on the handlebar display to see how far and how fast you traveled.

Arrow B1 Carbon Fiber EBike

Arrow B1 Carbon Fiber EBike Features

Arrow B1 uses hydraulic brakes to ensure safety. Today, most electric bicycles have mechanical failure in the power transmission system. Yes, they are cheap, but they do not stop you fast enough. When you are driving at a speed of 30 miles per hour on a busy city road and a car comes in front of you, a series of mechanical failures will not stop you in time. Twenty years ago, I used hydraulic brakes to reduce hand and finger work stress and was able to reduce the braking distance of mountain bikes.

The drive system is all about the Microsoft series components of the Advent series. I chose them because of their durability. Shimano is very expensive and precise, but under high torque, the parts are repeatedly damaged.

The framed foundry tested their pressure and effect on the specification. They strengthened the columns and frames to be able to withstand the increased torque. We have produced 100 frames from them to ensure premature delivery and quality control. We use X-ray tests to check the voids in the carbon fiber layer and the quality of the laminate.
No fat bikes. Today’s modern electric bikes sometimes choose a “fat bike” configuration. It helps in two ways. One, you can put a hub motor on the rear wheel and two, you don’t have to use suspension. Fat bikes are popular because of the mud, snow or sand, so this is great, but come on.

A legal road bike without shock absorbers, hard to buy, and expensive tires? Oops! designed the Arrow B1 to hold a suspension device, so that your filler doesn’t slush on the dirt or gravel streets of the city. We also chose the basic rim and tire configuration. You can go to your local bike shop and they will supply any 27.5 and 650 tires of your choice.
Arrow B1 is set as close as possible to a traditional bicycle, so you can maintain it yourself or take it to the bike shop. There is nothing special about mechanics. It is for ease of use and durability.

Arrow B1 Carbon Fiber EBike

Arrow B1 Carbon Fiber EBike Specification 

Max. Capacity:300 lbs
FRAME MATERIAL:T800 Carbon Fiber
SIZES:Small, Medium, Large
PACKAGE CONTENT:Arrow B1 Carbon Fiber EBike, user mannual


Arrow B1 Carbon Fiber EBike Price

If You Want to buy Arrow B1 Carbon Fiber EBike You Can Get This Product ₹89895.02 INR Rupees.
And This Arrow B1 Carbon Fiber EBike Price in Global Market $1199 USD

Arrow B1 Carbon Fiber EBike Price in USD $1199 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Arrow B1 Carbon Fiber EBike Price in India ₹89895.02 RUPEES


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