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Apple Watch Series 7 Price in India

Apple Watch Series 7 Price in India

Dear Apple Watch lover, there is great breaking news for you, Apple announced the Apple Watch Series 7, which is the most durable Apple Watch ever, which was launched on 14th September 2021. The design of this watch totally unique, it has a Retina display with significantly more screen area and also has thinner borders, which is making the most advanced and largest display ever. Not only design, but it also has so many modern features, for which you will fall in love with this watch. If you have enough money and you want to spend this on a smartwatch then it will be a great option for you.

The price of this watch starts from $399 Doller. The Indian price of this watch starts from Rs. 42,000.

Design of Apple Watch Series 7

The design of this Watch totally unique, it has a Retina display with significantly more screen area and thinner borders. Even the best thing is the thinner borders always allow the display to maximize screen area when the watch itself changes the dimensions. The design of the Apple Watch Series 7 also has softer and rounded corners. And the display also has a unique refractive edge, which always makes the full-screen watch faces and apps appear, which smoothly connect with the flexure of the case.

With a user-friendly display, it is also designed with two unique watch faces- Contour and Modular Duo for the new device, which is offering greater readability and case of use. This most durable apple watch has a stronger and more crack-resistant front crystal. Even the most important thing is, it is the first watch, which has an IP6X certification for resistance to dust.

Features of Apple series 7

Apple Watch Series 7 provides significant improvements. Its better durability, faster charging system, and the most advanced and large display is making it the world’s best smartwatch, which has not been made before. If you are a smartwatch lover then this is really a good option for you, you can take this without any hesitation. Its modern features and unique design will make you fall in love with it.

  • It has resistance power for dust, even it is the first one that has an IP6X certificate. It also has a WR50 certification to water resentence. The water resistance depth of this watch is 50m.
  • This smartwatch also offers indispensable tools for health and wellness.
  • It has a faster charging capacity, which will make your day too easy. It has an 18-hours battery life with 33% faster charging.
  • The best and noticeable feature of this smartwatch is, it has an electrical heart sensor and ECG app, and also has a blood oxygen sensor and app, and includes some new workout types app, which always helps you through the workout. Even with this it also has the new Cheering and mindfulness app, greater access with Apple Wallet, and more capability with some home apps. These apps always help the users stay healthy and active through the workout time.

  • The operating system of this smartwatch is watchOS 8.
  • The display type of this apple watch is OLED Retina. And the display size is 41mm. It also has a backlight display.
  • This Apple smartwatch also has a microphone and speaker, which will help you to take calls and speak comfortably.

Faster Charging Capacity of Apple Watch Series 7

Apple Watch Series 7 has the world’s best faster-charging capacity. And the amazing news is it provides an all-day-18-hour battery life only on a single charge. It has a 33% faster-charging capacity, which is compared with Apple Watch Series 6. With this new amazing battery capacity, it has new charging architecture and Magnetic Fast Charger USB-C cable. The battery type of this smartwatch is Lithium lon.

Connectivity  Features of Apple Series 7

This smartwatch also has Bluetooth, Wifi, and GPS connectivity system, which will always help you to find some places, taking calls while driving a car or working out.

Fitness and Watch functions of Apple Series 7

This smartwatch also has some modern fitness features, which is very helpful, and today’s generation always looking for these features in their smartwatch. It has a blood oxygen sensor, ECG sensor, step counter, calories counter, heart rate monitor, etc. With these modern features, it also has some useful features, such as a compass, calendar, alarm clock, altimeter, etc.

Style and Colour

Another amazing piece of news is Apple watch Series 7 includes five different beautiful new aluminium case finishes. This imported smartwatch is available in silver, gold, blue, grey, etc colour.

Apple Watch Series 7 Price in India

If you are looking for a well designed, unique smartwatch, then you can take this one without any hesitation. The price of this smartwatch starts at $399 Doller. The Indian price of this smartwatch is around Rs. 42,000 and for the Cellular model and GPS model around 50000.






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